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Poem Christmas Holidays

 poem Christmas holidays

Spiritual Poem Christmas Holidays

Holidays are near,
race toward your family and friends,
only days to go now.

Not a Santa thing, nor a religious one,
but a spiritual practice in the art of giving
and receiving sharing the energy of gratitude.

On a selected day, never mind how it came about.
The collective consciousness high lights giving and
receiving with love and honour.

It’s not about money nor extraordinary gifts
but the thought of love and celebrating relationships
Saying I’m grateful that you are in my life

Maybe make tea, or a bubble bath, go out of your way
to make time for the ones that sometimes get left behind
Cherish the day, that does not matter how it comes about

I love you, I appreciate you and I’m showing you that by
giving you the gift of me, my time and my thoughts

Here on earth altogether as one family, we celebrate the living
and cherish the moment when we all take the time to be together

Take a deep breath, close your eyes, stand still for a moment
appreciate all that is around you and all who is around you
Find a way for you personally, to share your love with them. – © Ian Scott

P.S  Happy Holidays from Thrive On News!

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