Cat Poem Temple Cat

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Cat Poem Temple Cat

Spiritual Cat Poem Temple Cat

Scouting away from the glaring
hunting, Playing, chasing faeries
talking to ghosts
not ordinary to most

Leaping in a triple spin
metamorphosis a jungle cat
a magical shapeshifter
midnight drifter

Sweetness for the senses Bastet
daughter of Isis and Osiris, triplet
acute awareness
a spiritual cleansing

Loyal, unconditionally loving
goddess of music and dance
affectionate to a trance
gracious in their romance

Silent and wise
lurking from the shadows
not in surprise
just here with you

Astral Travel
is how I unravel
the mysteries I channel

A secret language
I relay
communicating through
and beyond the veil

Protecting chasing snakes
keeping the home safe
methodically seeing
intimately breathing in
the kinship we have found.

© psychic medium Ian ScottNature’s Oracle Cards

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