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Poetry For The Spring Festival

poetry for the spring festival

In the centre of my circle
I stand silently alone
And invoke the noble presence
Of the maiden and the crone
And I wait for the Light Bearer

To emerge from deep within
As the sacred fires of Brighid
Tell the song that I’m to sing.

Robed in veiled scarves of seven
I am joined by the eleven
Other women who have bells and trinkets made

For the cleansing and the mensing
Gushing vigilant intention
As we dance the spiraled circles in the glade
And within the darkened forest
Dwell the elves of Father Norris

Joining in the deepest frenzy of the Glen
In a brotherhood of gestures
For the maidens and the questers

Who protect the love and honoring of men
In our hearts we feel a longing
For the singing and a songing

Of a joy that we recall of ages past
Of a union once developed

And immersed within, enveloped
By the patterns of a universe so vast

Whirling naked in the moonlight
Round the waters in the cave
By the rocks and pastures sloping on the hill
Calling creatures from the Ocean
To rejoice in the devotion
Of the ultimate protection of her will

Whirling, whirling spinning, twirling,
Clapping hand above our head and in the air
Drawing patterns taught by Merlin
Of the alchemy of pearl
Implanted once upon a grain of sand and care. – Jyoti Eagles

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  1. bearspawprint

    With seasons transposed, are celebrations at different times of the year, date wise, than in the Northern Hemisphere? I’m in USA, and just wondering how it’s all adapted. — Bear

    • Psychics

      yes it is a bit confusing check our wheel of the year post for information, thanks for your input here.