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Gone But Still Here Spiritual Poetry

Spiritual Poetry Gone. We all have our own demons to face and to fight. Whether it be past, present or future, nothing changes
unless you allow love to drip from your heart. Showing those who find it hard to love anyone, what love is.

spiritual poetry gone

Inspirational Spiritual Poetry Gone But Still Here

You’re not alone, you are loved
The darkness you feel is inside, I know
Hard to escape from the self, I understand
It’s always there, I see your pain

Those tears that fall from your face
and bleed into your heart, I feel
I’m here but the fold of the untold
stops you from seeing me

Where all here for you, you are loved
If all you see is anguish and refrain misdeeds
hatred and misunderstandings
You can’t see our hands reaching out to yours

You are never alone there will always be angels
a collective of people living here on earth
helping those back to the path of love
just look above we are here.

Dedicated to my dearest friend Ben, who unfortunately left this physical plane by his own accord. I will share your passing wish, I have yet to know someone who equals the love you used to share with everyone. His passing wish was to rid the world of hatred.  Oh my god, I try. Many blessings my friend and yes I will always hear you. © psychic medium Ian Scott.

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