Poetry Self Entanglement

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Daintree Rain Forest poems

Spiritual Poetry

Everyday we try and get by
so we strive to survive through a disguise
Living  lies, alongside fear and doubt we reside
claiming, we won this bout,why?
We’re no more than sorry thieves
doing dirty deeds, angels without wings

Marked faces covered in tears
choking on that halo we so desperately revered
Self-appointed royalty, replace the loyalty with golden teeth, sneaking in

Growing no further than we see
going blind, closing our minds, searing our souls
Stealing only from ourselves to feed the ones who don’t see beyond themselves
Leaving our seeds with nothing more than empty promises and bleeding dreams

The more we hide the more we allow to die
deep In our eyes lies a fire our souls materialize
Are we trying to self-accept or self-improve
a thriving will, battling still or chasing  thrills
Struggling to adapt, the reflection we seek has become a deception
fell for our own traps

Caught in the act, neglected a part so essential to the whole, it’s crumbling
Are we gonna let it fall apart, giving way at the core
cos the old ways don’t work anymore

We have to step into who we are, claim our responsibility
fill the void, meet the shadow
Get out of victim consciousness, it’s shallow waters offer no sustenance
we need nurturing
Deprived our inner most emotions, starved our thoughts
we’ll die if nourishment’s not sought

And taught to the angered youth
playing witness to their world being looted and destroyed
Hung by a noose, still time to get it down and set it loose
let it breathe and make noise

Set it free, it’ll get taken in the gentle sea breeze
swallowed, blowing in the wind..

We have no charge over natural direction of course but
we, like the oxygen in our bodies, Sustaining  life as we know it
are an invisible force, a portion of importance the final touch in the potion
The elixir, the ocean captured in a drop, an atom, a molecule..

It’s all we add up to its all anything adds up to
but we are set up like dominoes
Any change causing a chain reaction
our intent guiding the final product, a call for action
all divine life-forms must meet the challenge

Hold hands, stand up, draw swords
come forth and guard your soul,
now’s the chance to show our true selves
to the demons we bear.. – Wendee Valencia


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