Spiritual Poetry: The Sun, R-evolution And Man

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Burning light…
Have you heard the one about the sun
Who shined it’s light so bright upon everyone
Time begun and the world was wild and free

 Then man came along and for some reason, couldn’t let things be
Man decided it wasn’t enough and more could be done
Change and evolution are inevitable, I don’t have a doubt
The degradation began when the color of skin became an issue

When man decided there should be classes and they could be divided
Separation was implemented a dominance was mastered
Man got on top and took reign of the delicate food chain
All too well as power became the elusive flower

Then gold, jewels and physical pleasures took priority over life
Engulfed weak souls and overtook love, justice and spiritual treasures
Centuries past and we are still on this same path, destroying each other

But the sun still shines so not all is lost, deep inside us is something soft
There are always those willing to fight for what’s right at any cost
For the essence of love, equality, spirit, nature and that round bright light that
still shines upon everyone and everything
A beacon of hope and a true example of pure integrity – Wendee Valencia


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