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We Are The Weavers Poem

Spiritual Poetry

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We Are The Weavers Poem We Are The Web

The High Priestess sat spinning at her wheel
golden threads of love and light that she did feel
Through her fingers pour the love a woman knows,
like the caring for her children – and it glows

For the velvet bats that live within her cave,
and the darkened inner world that is so brave
We are caught within a net, which has been cast,
and is covering the one that was spread last

And the next beneath the one that went before,
covers all the ones we’ve buried there galore
She is spinning in her temple golden threads,
all day and night she spins it never ends

This noble task of love she’ll not forsake!
and the raven he was swallowed by the snake
Weave that gentle silken caring of the wrath,
for the noble Queen who wears the golden cloth

The spinning is protection of the weave,
of the web that does surround us and deceives
Spinning threads that will connect us to the core,
of the hidden weapon, Universal Lore

At her task, she will not falter
Spinning at her Royal Alter
Threads of silence
Bringing balance as before – Jyoti Eagles

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