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Thoughts have electrical beginnings, a thought is a spark, unless of course if you pour water on it. An action from that thought is a fire, a fire can warm the cold or burn destruction. Manifest wisely, only absorb and act upon positive thoughts.

The universal energies available to earth now are stronger than they have ever been before. Allowing our thoughts and our spiritual growth to light strong enough fires for cities to use as lights. © Canoe as channelled by psychic medium Ian Scott


3 Responses

  1. Jenny Carthy (@JennyMedium)

    This is wisdom at it’s finest a spiritual lesson in itself.

  2. Shannon W

    A very true and well experienced thought. As someone in their 30s I have less and less time for negativity. I want to succeed, grow and attain knowledge and happiness. With those desires, I do not have time to feed the fire of destruction inside me.

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