Poetry: Spiritual Starvation

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Isn’t it  just a little redundant to eat, not food but rather food like substances.
It’s far from coincidence.  It’s like production, capitalism and fascism had a conference, and together decided our overall health was not of importance, that a sick nation would only cause the poor more frustration and the wealthy more infestation. So the rich blame the poor and the poor blame the government while the real culprits sit back,  watching our systems self-destruct and the future generations stand at the back screaming.

Spiritual Starvation
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Suffering just as the past civilizations of time came to their decline, silenced how many times, will empires rise and fall before we learn to take care of ourselves. There are too many pieces missing, this puzzle is incomplete, none are lost, just well hidden. Is it insanity to think, we’ve been blocked and thwarted from our own power and beauty. The monopoly on our lives is placed on a board and treated like a game full of gory. No victory or glory, just changing scenery’s while history repeats the same stories we have to wake up before our expiration date meets our place in time and restarts reality.

What we leave is what will help begin the coming ages, no time for ashes and bloodshed. It’s time for brotherhood and unity, stop relying on outside facilities, listen to instincts. Teach and learn off each other, be as intense in our loving as we are in our complaining. The electromagnetic field of the heart is stronger than that of the mind. Our affections, creativity and divinity is far greater than our intelligence and ingenuity we have expanded our minds now we must give the rest of us a chance to catch up. Let it all line up in balance like the chakra points who wait to be activated, match it. The time is now lets not slow down the spiritual growth, we need to spread the word.

Entice the healing of nations and the integration of our future generations with equality in the world. – Wendee Valencia


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