The Spiritual War

We are in the midst of what will be known in the future as the Third World War.
This is a spiritual war and up until recently, the Cabal had the advantage.

spiritual war
spiritual war

The Spiritual War Of 2020

I’ve never been pulled to be part of any new age hippy trend. I am a skeptic on many levels although I have followed the conspiracy theories for many years feeling there was some truth in them, and now I find myself being asked by spirit to write this article to help with some disclosure about the Draco and the Cabal and their crimes against humanity. I do so with some trepidation and quite frankly, some questioning of my sanity. We live in interesting times. It seems our beautiful planet, and those of her inhabitants who are ready, are about to ascend to a higher vibration and we need to be prepared.

This occurs naturally every 25,000 years as a galactic cycle and we stand on the threshold of a new era. But we have been subjected to a deliberate dumbing down by a psychopathic species of ET’s called the Draco who have been here (and on several other planets in the universe it seems) for many thousands of years. They demand regency of our planet claiming to be of royal blood and their aim is to enslave us and impede our evolution.
To this end they have handpicked highly intelligent human psychopaths we know as the Cabal, to do their dirty work on earth.

They have been manipulating our minds, our weather, our DNA, our food and water supplies, our governments, our mental and physical health and now they dare to rob us of our spiritual birthright. As I said in my previous article, the conspiracy behind the conspiracy, we are in the midst of what will be known in the future as the Third World War. Only this is a spiritual war and up until recently, the Cabal has had a totally unfair advantage. They have had very advanced extraterrestrial technology on their side which the governments of the world have kept hidden from us all. In fact, there is secrecy and cloaking throughout the upper echelon of all military and space programs. For the last decade or so various insiders have come forward to disclose the threat we are under and to expose what’s really been going in.

There are ET’s and inner earth beings who want to come to our assistance but they all insist that WE have to do the work. Our disadvantage is that we are not only being lied to and brainwashed but have also been programmed to believe we are separate and that there are external gods whom we must worship instead of recognizing that we are all cells in the human body of mankind and the plasma that binds us is love. The higher level ET’s who are on our side want to give total disclosure to humanity, but imagine how angry we will feel if they were to expose it all at once? If we were to find out that everything we believe in is a lie. Our meaning of life is a lie. Our religious doctrines are a lie. That we are considered to be nothing more than an experiment and slaves for a group of extraterrestrial lizards and their evil agenda. If this was to happen we may need time to work through a complex grieving process of generations of deceit which will require an open mind and heart.

Unfortunately, the majority of us do not have the capability to address our wounds without feeling victimized and we protect our hearts by shutting them down. We have been deliberately disconnected from our higher selves and our intuition and taught not to trust it at any cost. If a man doesn’t know he is wounded, he can deny the facts forever. The healing of men is critical to our evolution and community wellbeing as we head into uncertain times. Ultimately we need to develop compassion and kindness and to forgive ourselves and others. Perhaps even eventually the Cabal … but I am getting to far ahead of myself.

Trouble is we don’t have the luxury of that time. In practically every sacred text from around the globe is a story of a solar event that triggers a leap of consciousness. A shift to a new dimension. Some people say that this event is about to occur and that it will be an Armageddon of sorts. I have been told that it could be as soon as the middle of this year. There are various speculations about what this event will look like but we do need to be prepared at least emotionally.

The Shift Solar Flare

The sun’s northern and Southern Hemispheres spin in opposite directions, building a tortion of sorts. As is does it gradually increases in temperature until it flips itself back into balance. (I was born in the fifties and the sun was yellow when I was a child, not white as it is now.) The predicted solar flares are postulated to hit our atmosphere and cause some major earth events such as quakes, tsunami’s and major electrical storms. Satellites and the grid will probably be knocked out and we will experience a time of chaos.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. With this, all the Cabals Artificial intelligence will also be knocked out and eradicate a myriad of surveillance equipment and mind control gear from our lives. If we as a people ascend to a higher level of consciousness the Draco lose their control over us and their opportunity to monopolies the planet. We will become more telepathic, more capable of instant manifestation, more connected. An intergalactic race with the full use and capacity to create higher technology for a harmonious existence. I am an intuitive empath with a strong connection to the earth and major events that occur in our world. This morning I woke up with a really strong feeling that something had shifted. I felt agitation in the memes and asked what was going on.

All quartz crystals on the planet have now been programmed forming a grid covering the planet.  All quartz is now activated and will now start to increase the vibration of the planet tenfold. This will take a week or so to settle. After the clear quartz, huge deposits of amethyst around the globe will begin activating their songlines. Coincidentally 14 scout crafts filled with Draco took off fleeing the planet in their dark fleet, including the commander-general. This leaves the human component (cabal) on their own, fighting for their sovereignty unassisted. There are orbs in place in readiness for this star war. A shield has been put in place to prevent their escape. Sentinels from all over the galaxy are at their posts with Arsenal beyond even the lizard’s capacity.

May the force be with them.

There has been a definite ramping up of events on our planet as well. The recent catastrophic fires in Australia, the Amazon and areas of New Guinea for example. Were they deliberately lit and fueled by chemtrails containing sparkler dust? We all felt there was more to it than the myth of climate change. Did they use mind control and their infamous Artificial intelligence to coerce budding pyromaniacs to participate?

As the fires subside China, who have been systematically buying as much property as they can in Australia have been hit by a mysterious virus that has put the entire country into lockdown. Suspicious? The Star Wars has begun in the lead up to the solar event and our ascension. We all have our parts to play. As far fetched as this all may sound we are part of the army fighting for our own spiritual sovereignty. Whether you believe any of this yet or not I appeal to your higher self who knows the truth to take part in the work of your soul group and recognize too that we are one. Every single cell in the body of mankind must work to create homeostasis in unison. It is always nature’s way to strive towards balance and we are a part of a huge universal geometric web of life.

“For those of you who hear me please do answer to this call. The mystery does need you now to gather all. Do not dally. It is time now to be ruthless to the core. You are love and you are light. You are freedom. You are more! But you’re shrinking with your thinking. Be aware and nothing more. And I sound the horn of Eden! Gather up I do implore “ © Druid Priestess OBOD Jyoti Eagles

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