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The Warrior Empath

posted in: Spiritual News

Warrior Empath. Empathy And Ascension the path of spiritual growth and awakening. Empathy meaning for the ascension of the planet. Path Of Empathy And Ascension What is empathy? how do we find our empathic selves in a world full of psychopaths, without turning into one ourselves? A unique look at the empathic … Read More

666 Spiritual Meaning

posted in: Numerology Articles

Do you keep seeing the numbers triple six? The symbolism and metaphysical magic behind the 666 Spiritual Meaning. Psychic Medium Ian Scott 666 Spiritual Meaning The symbolism and magick of 666 meaning. Tiple six is the holy grail the ultimate message to mankind. Within its spiritual and metaphysical meaning unravels the ascension … Read More

555 Spirituality Meaning

posted in: Numerology Articles

Do you keep seeing the numbers triple five? 555 Spirituality Meaning signs, symbols and metaphysical influences it has on us. 555 Spirituality Meaning 555 the middle of the circle, looking to the left or right the number five, sees all the other numbers. The centre, intrinsically balanced in harmony among the other … Read More

222 Spiritual Meaning

posted in: Numerology Articles

What is the 222 Spiritual Meaning? Do you keep seeing 2:22? metaphysical signs and symbols and the way the triple number influences our lives. 222 Spiritual Meaning Life is a jigsaw puzzle at the best of times, but when all the pieces lock together and create the big picture. Clarity and focus … Read More

Pheonix Bird Spiritual Meaning

What is the Pheonix Bird Spiritual Meaning? Learn the Pheonix bird powers and metaphysical symbolism in this ancient mythological creature. Pheonix Bird Spiritual Meaning The spiritual meaning of the Pheonix is mystical, magical and immortal. The spiritual message of the Pheonix is learning the art of turning a negative situation or experience, … Read More

Ogham Protection Symbol

posted in: Signs And Symbols

Ogham Protection Symbol. Nature’s Oracle Cards symbol is a combination of two Ogham letters from the ancient Celtic alphabet. by psychic medium Ian Scott. Ogham Protection Symbol Meaning Nature’s Oracle Cards symbol is a combination of two Ogham letters from the ancient Celtic alphabet. Elder (letter R / Ruis – element water) … Read More

Ascension Meditation

posted in: Meditation

Ascension meditation, spiritual and guided, to help raise the consciousness of the earth and its people. From Druid Priestess Jyoti Eagles. Ascension Meditation Sitting or lying comfortably where you are, activate your light body by taking nine deep breaths, filling your body with the light, on the in-breath and releasing all the … Read More

Lightworker Update 2020

posted in: Spiritual News

Lightworker update 2020, the latest spiritual news on the universe and how we can contribute to its healing and sovereignty. Lightworker Update 2020 So here we are, at the dawning of the Age of Aquarius and true to his quirky nature Uranus is about to herald in an unusual and long-awaited transition. … Read More

Love Oracle Online

posted in: Divination

Love oracle reading free online, with interpretations, messages, and answers from popular Australian Psychic Medium Ian Scott.   Psychic Love Oracle Free Online Most accurate love oracle free online card reading, close your eyes ask for guidance from the divine or your own spiritual guides about the question. Make it clear to them … Read More

Peacock Spiritual Meaning

posted in: Animal Totems

Peacock spiritual meaning and symbolic signs and messages from spirit. Animal totem wisdom from psychic medium Ian Scott. Peacock Spiritual Meaning The peacock spiritual meaning is one of immortality, resurrection, integrity, strength, and honour. What are your true colours? Peacock speaks of revealing your own truth to yourself and others. Finding who … Read More

The Spiritual War

posted in: Spiritual News

We are in the midst of what will be known in the future as the Third World War. This is a spiritual war and up until recently, the Cabal had the advantage. The Spiritual War Of 2020 I’ve never been pulled to be part of any new age hippy trend. I am … Read More

Love Poems The Soul Mate Collection

posted in: Spirituality

Love Poems The Collection A collection of spiritual channeled Love Poems for the soul mates or twin flames in your life. From psychic medium Ian Scott. Love Poem Soul Mates Love Poem soul mates I sense your presence from a distance, a ghost-like feeling that you’re here. A love unbound a rare … Read More

Animal Poems The Collection

posted in: Spirituality

Spiritual Animal Poems A collection of spiritual animal poems elephant, monkey, whale pangolin, cat and more. Highlighting the abuse of animals, a way to send love through thought. Saving The Pangolin Poem One of the most hunted animals on the planet, the pangolin is killed eaten and used in so-called medicine. Medicine … Read More

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