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Welcome to Thrive On News spiritual magazine Australia metaphysical blog. This spirituality magazine acts as a book of shadows for visitors to learn, grow and discover themselves. Psychic awareness and guided meditation, psychic insights and astrology, Moon phases and full moon reports, Podcast guided meditations and spirituality talks plus much more. Thank you for visiting and please, drink of the spiritual waters indulge in love and light and metaphysical magic Enlighten the soul uplift the spirit. Visit our homepage for extra inspiration and reading > © as channeled by psychic medium Ian Scott. - Nature's Oracle Cards 


Monthly Horoscope

Your monthly horoscope for the year 2019, each new month can be found on this page here at thrive on news after the 25th of each month. Monthly Horoscope astrology is the prediction of an individual’s future which mainly includes structuring of character and a circumstance. The time and date you were born on earth have significant symbology. It is the foundation of who … Read More

Re-Connection Love Spell

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A Re-Connection Love Spell designed to bring back the love of the past or even soul mates and twin flames from psychic medium Ian Scott Relationship and Family Reconnection Love Spell An Earth Magic Re-connection Love Spell. Emotional situations and matters of the heart lie in the west. The planet Venus is the energy and power of love. Archangel Gabriel sits and protects the … Read More

Earth Magic Gaia Magick

Utilizing or burrowing the celestial energy of the sun, moon and other planets is known as earth magic. Empowering the magician with extraordinary psychic energy. Earth Magic With ritual gesture or even just speaking aloud to the heavens. Your magical mojo will definitely be uplifted while you work a spell or bring a project or goal to life. Within a super complex network of … Read More

Money Tree Magic Spell

The Money Tree Magic Spell. Use the power of nature to change your mindset and create wealth and abundance in your life. A spiritual practice. Money Tree Magic Spell Is good luck a simple matter of chance? or is it destiny? Masterful magicians, witches and wizards and others of the craft create their own luck, The intentions of one’s desires may be manifested through … Read More

9 Signs Of Spiritual Awakening

What is a spiritual awakening? A state of wakefulness alertness and intuitive sensitivity. A state of mental alertness body relaxation and spiritual alignment. Do you ask what am I here for? Do you say there must be something else? These are all signs of knowing, of course, there is always more. This is the first reaching out of your higher consciousness to your thinking … Read More

Septarian Meaning

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Often called a dragon stone the Septarian Meaning is a powerful metaphysical stone for healing and communication with the spirit world. Septarian Meaning Septarian stone concretions or septarian nodules are cracks with angular cavities and or cracks, called “septaria”. From the Latin word septum; “partition”, and refers to the cracks and separations in the stone. A grounding stone, which reminds you of home, a … Read More

Hummingbird Meaning And Symbolism

Hummingbird Meaning the most amazing little spirit animal the keeper of healing secrets, learn her metaphysical magic and mystery. Hummingbird Meaning The smallest bird in the world with the smallest bird egg in the world. The hummingbird is a fascinating magical creature of the earth. With his or her power source being the sun. Hummingbirds in their nature are healers they contain the secrets … Read More

Full Moon June 2019 Astrology Strawberry Moon

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Full Moon June 2019 Astrology Tuning psychically into the influences of this full moon lays the groundwork or sets up the acceleration process of ascension. Full Moon June 2019 Astrology Full Moon June 17th, 2019 at 6.30 pm (AEST) Sydney time. Recently we’ve had a succession of powerful and a little difficult full moons to deal with. It has been trying to say the … Read More

Angelite Crystal Meaning

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  Angelite crystal meaning both metaphysical properties and spiritual purposes. Angelite balances the chakras and aligns the body for self-healing. Angelite Crystal Meaning Angelite crystal is a form of Anhydrite.  Anhydrite is an evaporite mineral that occurs in extensive layered deposits in sedimentary basins where large volumes of seawater have been evaporated. Connecting Angelite with the element water and the Gods of the sea. … Read More

Drinking Clay Health Benefits

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There are many drinking clay health benefits to be experienced with the use of clay therapy. A safe natural mineral supplement. Drinking Clay Health Benefits Throughout the ages, people have been ingesting and drinking or eating clay. With many health and medicinal benefits. For thousands of years, mud masks and clay have been used for ritual to ward away evil spirits and an ingredient for … Read More

Eye Of Horus Meaning

The eye of Horus meaning spiritual and metaphysical. Learn the secrets of the all-seeing eye and its magical, mystical properties. Eye Of Horus Meaning The God Horus (udjat or wedjat) was the son of Osiris and the Goddess of magic Isis. Horus is known as the true visionary, the prophet, and artist. Horus has the divine symbol of the falcon. As a sky god … Read More

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