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Eye Of Horus Meaning

The eye of Horus meaning spiritual and metaphysical. Learn the secrets of the all-seeing eye and its magical, mystical properties. Eye Of Horus Meaning The God Horus (udjat or wedjat) was the son of Osiris and the Goddess of magic Isis. Horus is known as the true visionary, the prophet, and artist. Horus has the divine symbol of the falcon. As a sky god with the almighty sun (God Ra) as his right eye and the moon as his left. … Read More

Full Moon May 2019 Meaning

Full moon May 2019 in Scorpio 27. Full moon meaning Astrology influences, metaphysical and spiritual by psychic medium Ian Scott. Full Moon May 2019 Astrology The full blue moon on Saturday, May the 18th 2019 sits in the star sign of Scorpio at 27 degrees. Quite a spiritually challenging full moon with the sting of the scorpion ready to strike. And the full moon residing in the Lupis (wolf) constellation adds an element of judgment and vilification. Full moon opposite … Read More

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