Spirituality Articles

Otter Spirit Animal Meaning

Otter spirit animal totem meaning both spiritual and metaphysical. Do you have the personality traits of the otter totem? Otter Spirit Animal Totem This beautiful creature is a little goddess in her own right. She encompasses the word woman with her empathy, sympathy, and compassion at

How To Send Distant Healing

How to send distant healing energy to another person using the spiritual power of psychic energy cultivation. by psychic medium Ian Scott. Our thoughts are the most powerful energy man possesses. Ever been thinking of someone and a few minutes later your phone rings and to

Healing Planet Meditation

Healing planet meditation is designed for the lightworkers of the world, to aid in healing the planet and its people at this time of darkness and need. Please join us in meditation and prayer. Ian Scott. A little introduction, this is an advanced meditation technique. If

Amazonite Meaning

Amazonite meaning and healing crystal properties. With the energy of the ocean spirits, this beautifully coloured stone heals and soothes a troubled soul. Amazonite Meaning And Crystal Benefits Amazonite is best known for its blue-green colour. The stone of prosperity, the hope stone. Amazonite is named

22 Numerology Meaning

22 master number meaning, numerology, and spiritual influences.And its mystical signs and magic symbolism. An enchanted number with mysteries abound. In the ancient art of Numerology, the number 22 is a Master number. An illuminated one, a Master number is a double-digit number that comes from

Medieval Oracle Reading

Medieval oracle card reading free online. Look into the past, present, and future with messages and guidance to your questions from Psychic Medium Ian Scott. A medieval oracle, ask your question shuffle the cards and click or tap the flip button to reveal your oracle card.

The Fake Empath

The fake empath the signs to look out for so you can avoid the toxic people in life. Giving way to a free clear open warm future with the right people. Someone able to display emotions easily is not a sign of an empath. There are

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