Star Signs December Monthly Horoscopes

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star sign aries


Time to spread your wings and fly little birdie fly!  This month you can at last consolidate all the crazy changes that you have put yourself through lately… your looks, your personality and yes your Ego have all been shaken, rattled and rolled.  By month’s end you’ll be moving forward into a bright new future.  Oh yeah!

star sign taurus


Time for a change?  Yes please!  But first you’ll have to look deep inside yourself… listen to your dreams and share your secrets (and your body) with a close and special pal.  Embrace the new as a major shift this month forces you to let go of any and all restrictions that have had you tethered and tied to the past.

star sign gemini


Soooo over the crazy bunch of peeps you have been surrounded by in the past, this month will sort out who and what is instrumental to your new way of living and loving.  Expect a lot of “discussions” (heated or otherwise) and remember that your relationships are a reflection of your own beautiful self.

star sign cancer


OK so December ain’t your favourite month of the year but who said life was (always) meant to be easy?  That’s right Crusty, hard work and discipline will pay off big time, so this month roll up your sleeves and get to it… an unexpected and positive shift at work could see you rocking it.  Nice!!!

star sign leo


Have yourself a merry merry month Kitty!  It’s time to play!  But only if your obedient servants behave and pay you lots and lots of attention.  How can you perform if nobody is there to applaud (really loudly) the wonderful world of you?  Solution?  Immerse yourself in a creative project or hang out with a bunch of (foreign) kids.

star sign virgo


This month the light shines bright on the homefront, throwing you deep into the past where you will have the opportunity to let go of some old merde.  So sweep that hearth and polish those handles hard until all is gleaming and bright, because a major shift in your most private and intimate world will see you flying high.

Libra-star sign


Ok so you’ve “divorced” a lot of people and old ideas in the past few months, but now it’s time to get ready for a new shift in energy that will see you pushing forward once again.  Get yourself “out and about” oh Luscious One and say what’s on your mind… only then will you free yourself and fly.

Scorpio-star sign


Money, money, money!!! Oh how you love the power and glory the material world brings.  But to take advantage of this potentially lucrative month you will have to get your head and health sorted… keep trim, taut and terrific and do the hard yards, otherwise you’ll end up with an empty wallet and sore head… full of regrets.

Sagittarius-star sign


Happy Birthday Saggi!!!  Time to celebrate in a big way just how beautifully broad-minded and delicious you are.  Expect surprises galore as you get to party in the most unusual of ways.  A weird and wonderful creative project that has stalled for months finally gets the thumbs up.  Go for it!

Capricorn-star sign


At last this crazy retro energy that has had you (literally or figuratively) living out of a suitcase comes to a grinding halt.  Gather yourself, because this month will slowly get you moving forward… out of an old existence and into a bright, new and shiny world.  Oh yes indeed, the battle-weary Old Goat will rise triumphant.  Again.

Aquarius-star sign


You ain’t been thinking straight over the last few months, have you?  You Weirdo!  But now at last you can start to gather up those loose and fractured ideas and move forward to create something unique and brilliant.  Yes indeed, humanity needs your quirky and unpredictable mind.  Break that mould.

monthly horoscopes


Linger no linger little Minnow.  Get out there, get noticed and get the job done because this month shines light on your public persona and brilliant career.  A subtle (or not so subtle) shift in what you want in life has caused more than a little havoc, but now the time has come to push outwards and upwards.  Get it on! – Crystal Gaze