Star Signs January Monthly Horoscopes

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star sign aries


Happy New Year!  It’s time for a change Rambo… a BIG change.  Your public persona is just about to go through a major renovation as this month forces (yes forces) you to release your grip on an old, out-worn ambition of yours.  A powerful player may offer you a fresh start.

star sign taurus


Thought you had the Bigger Picture all sorted didn’t you Toro?  Well think again… deep and hard… because a huge shift in energy will throw your beliefs and philosophies up in the air (or out the window).  Whatever survives this powerful energy will be well worth believing in.

star sign gemini


Bondage anyone?  Or perhaps a little discipline?  You decide.  This month fires up your darkest and deepest desires.  No longer can you continue with the comfortable, the familiar and the luke-warm.  If it isn’t consuming your mind, body and soul (and every breath you take) then quite frankly you’re not interested.  Time for a change.

star sign cancer


Look long and hard Crusty.  Long and hard at that reflection of you in almost everyone around you.  Not always so pretty huh?  Take a grip because this month you will have to wake up to the realization that you cannot control anyone or anything… you can only control yourself and how you react.  Good luck.

star sign leo


This month it’s time to take off your party hat and put your hard hat on.  Too much of a good thing in the past few weeks has left you feeling a little under the weather.  It’s time to get to a gym and get pumping good and proper because your health regime needs a kick start.  A serious kick start.

star sign virgo


Wow are you creative this month or what?  A new project will demand your full attention to detail… whether it is an artistic endeavor, a new baby or a new love affair you will be totally consumed (and yes obsessed).  Run with it… it may seem like overnight, but it’s been a long time coming.

Libra-star sign


This month the time has come for you to clean out the closets and toss out some old skeletons.  Growing up was never easy and you still have to deal with quite a bit of repression from the past.  But guess what? Now you can rid yourself of old an emotional handbag or two and emerge, reborn and reinvigorated.

Scorpio-star sign


Thought you had it all figured out?  Well you can think again this month because your sharp and penetrating mind will go into overdrive as all energy is focused on digging deep and getting the answers you have been looking for.  A new mind set will open up a brave new world… but first you must let go of an old obsession.

Sagittarius-star sign


OK so you are totally not interested in boring details, but as the saying goes “the devil is in the detail” and this month you will be taking a long look at what you have and hold.  A huge shift in energy will open up new possibilities, but first you will have to let go of something which you valued in the past.  New objects will have great meaning.

Capricorn-star sign


Happy Birthday Horny One!  You are simply gorgeous… yes you are.  And you just get more and more gorgeous with every year that passes.  Over the last few weeks your façade has been undergoing some silent renovations and now you get to flaunt a new up-dated version of yourself.   Seriously beautiful!!

Aquarius-star sign


It’s not like you to be so secretive now is it Weird One?  This month you get to dig deep into your psycho psyche and pull a few rabbits out of the hat.  Mad?  Of course.  Brilliant?  Always.  Just remember that your subconscious is ruling the roost so take a good look at the reactions you get and adjust accordingly.

monthly horoscopes


Friends.  Who needs them?  You do, especially this month as a huge shift of energy reinvigorates some old and dear (dreary) acquaintances.  Don’t be surprised if you finally have had enough and want to move on.  Just don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater… there may still be a lesson or two to be had. – Crystal Gaze