Star Signs October: Monthly Horoscopes

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Steady goes it. This month, keep your feet on the ground because everything is going to get a little weird. Fantasies and daydreams are controlling your every move so try and be discreet in all your dealings (almost impossible for you but give it a try) and prepare yourself that a pipe-dream may very well disintegrate before your eyes. Any covert information will lead to enlightenment.


Woah… you is one frisky bull this month. Aggressive and impatient, you’re hungry for some satisfaction. Let’s hope that you get what you want because you run the danger of setting yourself up for rejection. Just remember that all is not as it seems… a misty veil of intrigue wraps around you and you could get taken for a ride. Best option? Make some sweet music with a special pal.


Hurry up and get all those loose ends tied up right now, because this month your energy is going to slow down and you will have to do a double-take on any recent decisions. Just don’t start any new projects that you have in mind… guaranteed they won’t go as planned and you’ll just end up frustrated. Instead throw a few ideas in the air and enjoy the double-entendre.


A nervous, tense and fidgety month ahead for you as family or work matters turn your life upside down. Expect some unexpected twists and turns which will require maximum ingenuity to cope with. Just watch what you say, because you may be tempted to tell everyone “where to go”, only to regret it later. Instead, take time out and go for a nice stroll where the air is clean and the fish are jumping.


Softly softly Kitty. A crazy month awaits… erratic energy is swirling around you and all is tense. Chill out as much as possible because your judgment is flawed and you will be tempted to behave badly, ultimately damaging your reputation. Instead make yourself proud… get a grip and get some insight. Find an inventive solution to change a situation for the better, and remember that nothing is secure right now. All is volatile.


Oh joy! This month you get to catch up on bills, filing and all those boringly tedious jobs that you’ve been way too busy to attend to. Not the best time to be thrust into the spotlight… you may feel just a little tired and depressed, and you won’t take criticism kindly. Don’t get discouraged… get some quality “me time” and let everyone else carry the load for once.


Happy Birthday Libra! And happy it will be as long as you prep yourself for one crazy ride . A tense but hypnotic energy surrounds you and you’ll have to exert maximum effort so that you don’t lose the plot. Don’t make any rash decisions because you could end up blowing that calm reputation of yours. Take a deep breath and practice the art of patience.


Slowly and silently the wheel begins to turn, but it won’t be time to reveal anything to anyone until next month when the spotlight falls on you. In the meantime, an almost imperceptible energy is shape-shifting and finding a place in your dreams. A superior time to get on the couch with your favourite shrink and probe into your subconscious.


Goody. This month you get left to your own devices and the devil gets to find a little mischief for your idle hands. A new love may appear from the far horizons of your mind and although you have a faithful heart, violent and dangerous passions lurk beneath the surface. Embrace your fears, especially of the darkness and the night, and this stormy time will pass. Never fear… the Sun will rise again.


Discipline… it’s a way of life. And this month discipline is what you’ll need as you find yourself suddenly thrown into some unusual and compromising situations. You will find yourself in unfamiliar territory where you’ll have to exert maximum control. But all you will want to do is buck the system and rebel. Forget it. You aren’t in a position to exert your independence, so toughen up Kid. Deal with it… you’re time will come.


Boring! You’re over it… completely. Old, worn out ideas and stupid impractical ways of being are irritating you to the extreme. The call of the wild beckons… you can almost taste the sweet breath of freedom, but first you must find a new solution to some old problems before you can further your ambitions. If you’re involved in a big corporation, expect a little restructuring.


Sweet, dreamy Pisces… this month all your energy is directed inwards for some serious soul growth. With a strange, restless and dreamy hunger, you long for a better world… one of peace, love and light. Sounds divinely blissful… and it is. Just don’t try and make it happen now. Instead, find a still and quiet place within yourself and dive deep into your hidden passions. Only then can the Universe work through you. – Crystal Gaze