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Earth Mystics Passing Wisdom

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Online Short Story

The Tale Of The Hidden Oasis And The Earth Mystics

earth mystics passing wisdom
Short stories – Earth Mystics

Earth Mystics Passing Wisdom Chapter Eight

As the days and weeks passed on the children grew increasingly close to the earth mystics. They went to the park every day after school and on the weekends when possible, Elysha’s mother always present. They all learnt new things and taught each other about each other by endeavouring on the same journey and sharing the knowledge.

Nature itself became their home, bonding with it and helping it grow, learning from the wisdom of the elders by choice. Curious minds expanding with love and light, the park was nurtured and truly was an Oasis. The children planted, pruned, watered, loved, sustained and supported life on the park alongside the earth mystics, they became friends with all the birds, possums and the lil critters alike they experienced the beauty of living and the love of sharing, together they grew.

Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months, they saw seasons pass and cycles completed again and again, of course, everything changes. As the cold weather began to creep up the life in the park began its opposite effect and eventually, it withered and died. But not all, the grasses and trees, the shrubs and bushes all go into hibernation mode and conserve themselves till the temperature gets warmer. Everything curled up as the darkness brings on a chill too hard to ignore. So the children’s visits also began to decline, it was so cold and there was nothing to do in the park while everything lay dormant yearning for the sun.

Winter passed and no one had stepped a foot in the park for three weeks but the days were warmer as the sun rose earlier and stronger. The morning chill was finally bearable for the children to endure so they were able to walk around outside without fear of getting sick due to the low temperatures. Elysha felt terrible for not having gone to the park in so long, it was as though she had betrayed the mystics, but she hadn’t.

Or did she? Elysha was overcome with a sense of guilt regarding them and the oasis. Why? She thought. “Why had I not offered them warmth?, why did the cold scare me so that I was not compassionate enough to notice the effects going on to the people around me?”. Her stomach turned and suddenly she felt sick, there was something wrong. What was it? She became terribly ill but when her mother rang the boys to inform them, she had been told that the boys had suddenly been overcome with a mysterious sickness and were to remain in bed until further notice by the family doctor.

All three children were sick at the same time, without knowing why or having contact recently. All had the same symptoms and still without cause, a week passed and they remained bedridden. Reaching the second week and the children all began feeling better, once again, at the same time. But on the last night they had the fever they all had a dream, the same dream, and somehow they knew it, all of them, as it was happening. They had entered the dream realm together in the same place they were placed on a long wooden boat, they were heading along a gentle river, and they were in search of something.

It got confusing when they encountered the Earth mystics, why would they see them in a spirit form? Why were they speaking to them as though they were elsewhere? It was as though they were distant, their voices faint, but none the less, they were thanking the children, grateful for the time and memories, they wept in appreciation for their existence, it was beautiful and touching but why did they feel sad at the same time? What was this supposed to represent? The children all had a very good idea but were unwilling to accept such a disastrous thought.

They wanted to get out of bed, to contact each other, to run to the park and see the earth mystics, to prove everything was ok, but they weren’t allowed to. Only just beating the sickness their parents had said they needed at least 2 more days in bed before they could go walking around outside as they were still rather fragile. Those two days were the longest two days ever according to the three children, they had been long counting the minutes since they escaped their fever-induced delirium. The twos days passed and they were allowed a visit to the park. What they were looking for and what will they find, Elysha felt weak as they got close to the park. They all slowed and felt weak. What were they experiencing? Suddenly they all knew, they all stopped dead in their tracks. © Wendee Valencia

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