Love Currency

Love Currency Spiritual Quote Let’s Imagine love is our new form of currency, there is no longer any physical money as such. Performing acts of love would, in turn, empower you to commit similar acts of love, an exchange of real value. In our meditations ask this very question, “what if love … Read More


Spiritual Quote – Love Not War

Spiritual quote by Ian Scott – Love not war, I feel the weight of worlds misfortunes and strange primitive customs of war and rebel by loving even more. Spiritual Quote On War I feel the weight of the misfortunes of the world and strange primitive customs of war and I rebel by … Read More

Happy Healthy You

Spiritual Awareness Positive Thinking Be sure not to have any distractions or disturbances. In silence and comfortable surrounds breathe in deeply, relax, feel your body weight sinking into contention.   Personal Development Happy Healthy You Breathe deeply in through the nose and exhale out of the mouth. Read the affirmation several times, … Read More