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Ouroboros Meaning

ouroboros meaning

The ghost serpent the Ouroboros meaning spiritual and metaphysical.
The ancient symbol of the snake, serpent or dragon devouring its own tail.
An end that marks the beginning.

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Sacred Texts Auras And Chakras

sacred texts auras and chakras

The Sacred Texts Auras And Chakras. The bodies electrical system The Metaphysical of auras and chakras and the bodies electrical system a complete and comprehensive spiritual guide. sacred texts auras and chakras Bodies Electrical System The Tree of Life (Qaballah) represents our geometric perfection as the microcosm. It also alludes to the … Read more

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Vegvisir Runes Meaning

Vegvisir rune meaning

Vegvisir Runes Meaning This symbol is composed of eight rune staves and was believed to be a symbol of magical guidance and direction. Vegvisir Runes Meaning The Vegvisir is also known as the Runic compass or the Viking Compass. Vegvísir, (Icelandic Vegvísir, “That Which Shows the Way;” pronounced “VEGG-vee-seer”) is a stave of Icelandic origin. Its … Read more

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Eye Of Horus Meaning

eye of horus meaning

The eye of Horus meaning spiritual and metaphysical. Learn the secrets of the all-seeing eye and its magical, mystical properties. Eye Of Horus Meaning The God Horus (udjat or wedjat) was the son of Osiris and the Goddess of magic Isis. Horus is known as the true visionary, the prophet, and … Read more

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Yin Yang Meaning Spiritual And Symbolic

yin yang meaning

Yin Yang meaning These two dots hold the secret to the yin yang principle of spiritual alignment. The white space is extreme as is the black space.   The yin yang symbol is a popular one, known all over the world. But when you ask people what is the yin yang … Read more

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The How To Of Sigil Magic

sigil magic

Sigil magic is a magician’s seal, a symbolic manifestation of the intent of the magician to cast out his intent to the world through magical scribings. The metaphysical art of sigil magic. What is a sigil and what is it used for? How do I make my own magical sigil symbol? … Read more

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Triquetra Symbolic Meaning

triquetra meaning

The Celtic Triquetra meaning Triquetra The Power Of Three. The wheels of motion and the triad of spirals form a story. The symbol of the triad or trinity.   Triquetra Metaphysical Meaning The Triquetra meaning and message lies in the knowledge of time, time is circular like the seasons. Movement and change are … Read more

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