Panther Symbolic Meaning

Panther meaning. the spirit animal augers a time of awakening and uplifting the inner passions which drive our own personal life force. Panther Magic Spirit of the dark moon, traveller of the astral world. Master magician, a seer of the nights secrets. Panther Totem  Animal Meaning   Panther meaning is the astral travel master … Read More

Bear Totem Spiritual Meaning

Animal Spirit Bear Meaning The Sacred Healer The teacher’s teacher but I am to taught, through the astral travels I take in winter. The healer’s healer but I am healed too, through the solace, I take from the sun. Bear Metaphysical Meaning Bears are the healers, Hidden Strength, Courage, Intuition, Teacher, Magic, … Read More

Shamans Magic Evoke The Eagle

 We stand here flat-footed, grounded, driven to and by the earth Palms to the sky, head tilted towards the sun, we close our eyes Shifting from the sands beneath us eagle flurries his wings Emerging in a whirlwind his feathers cover our bodies. Animal Spirit Eagle Wisdom Seeing with the clarity of a … Read More