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The Warrior Empath

empathy and ascension

Warrior Empath. Empathy And Ascension the path of spiritual growth and awakening. Empathy meaning for the ascension of the planet. Path Of Empathy And Ascension What is empathy? how do we find our empathic selves in a world full of psychopaths, without turning into one ourselves? A unique look at the … Read more

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Lightworker Update 2020

lightworker update 2020

Lightworker update 2020, the latest spiritual news on the universe and how we can contribute to its healing and sovereignty. Lightworker Update 2020 So here we are, at the dawning of the Age of Aquarius and true to his quirky nature Uranus is about to herald in an unusual and long-awaited … Read more

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The Spiritual War

spiritual war

We are in the midst of what will be known in the future as the Third World War. This is a spiritual war and up until recently, the Cabal had the advantage. The Spiritual War Of 2020 I’ve never been pulled to be part of any new age hippy trend. I … Read more

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Conspiracy Behind The Conspiracy


The Conspiracy. Not so long ago if you were to mention the Illuminati (Draco) or suggest that the governments, big pharma, banks, and churches were corrupt, you were labeled a conspiracy theorist and dismissed. It is now common knowledge that the 1%, including the Rothschild’s and the like have been slowly … Read more

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Psychic Insights 2019

psychic insights 2019

Psychic Insights 2019 a look at future events and study of some channelled messages and visions from psychic medium Ian Scott. Psychic Insights 2019 The visions that took my attention for 2019 were in great numbers. Too much to record here, we’re in for a busy and busty ride in 2019. … Read more

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Electric Cars The Big Joke

electric cars joke

Volvo has just announced that by the year 2019 they will only produce hybrid electric cars. A number of car companies have released a hybrid electric vehicle including BMW, Honda and the list is ever growing. Car companies and people alike are branding these cars as green and good for the environment. … Read more

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