Pisces Star Sign Meaning

Pisces Star Sign Meaning Pisces star sign meaning To explore the phenomena of higher consciousness itself through meditation and dreamwork… dreams. Pisces Sign 22nd February – 21st March Pisces traits and symbology Glyph:  Two Fish Planet:  Neptune Element:  Water Color:  Ocean Blue Motto:  I Dissolve Affirmation:  I merge my ego with the … Read More


Capricorn Star Sign Meaning

Capricorn star sign meaning To focus on what to do with the finite amount of time we have and to use all resources to achieve a successful outcome. Capricorn Sign  22nd December – 21st January Capricorn traits and symbology Glyph: Sea-goat Planet: Saturn Element: Earth Color: Grey Motto: I Achieve Affirmation: I activate … Read More

Scorpio Star Sign Meaning

Scorpio star sign meaning The Transformer – changing form and undergoing metamorphosis in order for the soul to evolve. The soul is absolute. Scorpio Sign 22nd October – 21st November Scorpio traits and symbology Glyph: Scorpion Planet: Pluto Element: Water Color: Black Motto: I Transform Affirmation: I directly penetrate to the heart … Read More

Leo Star Sign Meaning

Leo star sign meaning The Creator personal power and individual creativity. To realize the unique potential of the ego through some form of creative expression. Leo Sign 22nd July – 21st August Leo traits and symbology Glyph: Lion Planet: Sun Element: Fire Color: Gold Motto: I Create Affirmation: I manifest the divine … Read More

Cancer Star Sign Meaning

Cancer Star Sign meaning The Caregiver takes responsibility for the nurturing of inner security and embraces change relative to this need. Cancer Sign 22nd June – 21st July Cancer Traits & Symbology Glyph: Crab, mother holding child Planet: Moon Element: Water Color: Silver Motto: I Nurture Affirmation: I embrace and nurture with the … Read More

Gemini Star Sign Meaning

Gemini Star Sign meaning To know as much as possible and communicate both within the self (internal thought processes) and to others. Gemini Sign 22nd May – 21st June Gemini Traits & Symbology Glyph: Twins Planet: Mercury Element: Air Color: Checks, stripes or any two colors Motto: I Think Affirmation: I am mentally … Read More