Aquarius Star Sign Meaning

Aquarius star sign meaning To embrace a unique identity and path towards a journey of self-discovery.  This journey involves confronting fear and insecurity. Aquarius Sign 22nd January – 21st February Aquarius traits and symbology Glyph:  Water, Electricity, Chi Planet:  Uranus Element:  Air Color:  Iridescent Blue Motto:  I Rebel Affirmation:  Universal freedom and tolerance Body:  The Nervous System Stone:  Lapis Lazuli, Azurite, Quartz Yoga:  Pranayama, … Read More


Sagittarius Star Sign Meaning

Sagittarius star sign meaning A perceptual awareness of what we are connected to becomes the basis of philosophical thought and metaphysical speculation. Sagittarius Sign 22nd November – 21st December Sagittarius traits and symbology Glyph:  Centaur Planet:  Jupiter Element:  Fire Color:  Orange Motto:  I Understand Affirmation:  Follow my bliss Body:  The Hips and Thighs Stone:  Amethyst, azurite, ruby Yoga:  Triangle pose, squats Sacred Animals:  Horse, … Read More

Libra Star Sign Meaning

Libra star sign meaning The Peacemaker – initiating variety and diversity in relationships in order to become aware of others’ needs and realities. Libra Star Sign Meaning 22nd September – 21st October Libra traits and symbology Glyph: Scales of Justice Planet: Venus Element: Air Color: Pastels Motto: I Balance Affirmation: I harmonize with the rhythm of another Body: The Kidneys and Adrenal Glands Stone: Angelite, … Read More

Virgo Star Sign Meaning

Virgo star sign meaning The Spiritual Healer – through self-sacrifice, love and humility, benefit and serve the earths collective consciousness. Virgo Sign 22nd August – 21st September Virgo traits & symbology Glyph: Virgin Planet: Mercury Element: Earth Color: White Motto: I Serve Affirmation: I devote myself to the path of Spirit Body: The Bowels and Small Intestines Stone: Carnelian, turquoise, green jasper Yoga: Side … Read More

Leo Star Sign Meaning

Leo star sign meaning The Creator personal power and individual creativity. To realize the unique potential of the ego through some form of creative expression. Leo Sign 22nd July – 21st August Leo traits and symbology Glyph: Lion Planet: Sun Element: Fire Color: Gold Motto: I Create Affirmation: I manifest the divine spark Body: The Heart and Spine Stone: Amber, citrine, golden topaz Yoga: … Read More

Cancer Star Sign Meaning

Cancer Star Sign meaning The Caregiver takes responsibility for the nurturing of inner security and embraces change relative to this need. Cancer Sign 22nd June – 21st July Cancer Traits & Symbology Glyph: Crab, mother holding child Planet: Moon Element: Water Color: Silver Motto: I Nurture Affirmation: I embrace and nurture with the tender heart of a mother Body: The Stomach and Breasts Stone: Moonstone, … Read More

Gemini Star Sign Meaning

Gemini Star Sign meaning To know as much as possible and communicate both within the self (internal thought processes) and to others. Gemini Sign 22nd May – 21st June Gemini Traits & Symbology Glyph: Twins Planet: Mercury Element: Air Color: Checks, stripes or any two colors Motto: I Think Affirmation: I am mentally versatile and synthesize information. I shape-shift. Body: The Lungs, Shoulders, Arms and Hands … Read More

Taurus Star Sign Meaning

Taurus Star Sign meaning The Lover tarot influence – sexuality, and desire as basic instincts of survival… stabilizing and grounding energy. Taurus Sign 22nd April – 21st May Taurus Traits & Symbology Glyph: Bull’s Head Planet: Venus Element: Earth Color: Green Motto: I Have, I Value Affirmation: I appreciate abundance in the present moment Body: The Throat and Neck Stone: Agate, emerald Yoga: Shoulder stands Sacred Animals: … Read More