Emu Totem Symbolic Meaning

The emu totem meaning and Australian aboriginal symbolism are steeped in history and Dreamtime stories. Respect for all tribes is the emu’s message. Unique to Australia the emu is Australias largest and tallest bird standing at least 1.5 meters or more in height. A flightless bird with a whole lot of character. The emu can weigh up to 40kg or even a little more. … Read More


Dragonfly Spirit Animal Meaning

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Dragonfly Spirit Dragonfly Meaning The Transformer Fly, Fly, Fast, Grow do not stop Do not be afraid to see all A masterful shape shifter adapts to all circumstances and situations with magic, speed and agility. © Ian Scott Dragonfly spirit animal meaning people are old transcendental souls, who seek others of their maturity and universal understanding. Dragonfly Spirit Animal Meaning  Shape Shifter, Transformation, Supernatural Power, … Read More