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Lomandra Indigenous Uses

grass lomandra

Lomandra Indigenous Uses the seeds are ground as a damper, the leaves and stems are used for weaving baskets and a hydration tool for better health. Lomandra longifolia or more commonly known as just Lomandra, basket grass or mat rush. Is an Australian native plant, a member of the Asparagaceae family … Read more

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Muntrie Berries

Australian Bush Food

Muntrie berries. Recently this spicy Apple has come into use in a big way commercially, is amazingly versatile and great to cook with. Muntrie Berries Health Benefits Today’s amazing Australian is the Muntrie. Also known as emu apples, native cranberries, or if we want to get all technical about it, the … Read more

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Lemon Aspen Tree

lemon aspen

Australian Lemon Aspen tree it’s uses and benefits in cooking and health, lemon aspen is a zesty fruit with flavour. Includes refreshing juice recipe. Lemon Aspen Uses A sometimes overlooked natural resource is vibrant of our native plants and their fruits. The Lemon Aspen tree produces a pale lemon coloured fruit … Read more

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