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We Are The Weavers Poem

High Priestess

We Are The Weavers Poem We Are The Web The High Priestess sat spinning at her wheel golden threads of love and light that she did feel Through her fingers pour the love a woman knows, like the caring for her children – and it glows For the velvet bats that … Read more

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Raven Bonsai Poem

Feasting on soft figs Nesting high and safe, my waste in flight gives life to another light. Raven Bonsai Poem Seed of fig, encased in Ravens soil, falls not to toil Sharp, rigid strong mountains reaching the sky, catch the seed without a cry. Given a small chance Growing old and … Read more

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Tree Of Life Poem

tree of life poem

Tree Of Life Meaning Poetry In the words, you do encounter through the branches of the Tree Are the ones that are divided from the centre into three. Tree Of Life Poem And the levels all encompass worlds of magic and of glee In the visions, you embellish on the path … Read more

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A Druids Poem


A Druids Poem Of Magic And Adventure The ancient forest calls you And the Tree Gods sound your name And you know you have to go there To this place from whence you came. Through the labyrinth to the cauldron To the centre of the All Where the bards, ovates and … Read more

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