The Way Of Spirituality

Spirituality is a way of life, a path to our higher selves and the magic of the universe. A spiritual practice to awakening and ascension. Spirituality A Way Of Life 1 If there is anyone in the world you must intrinsically know inside and out, it is you. Know yourself better than … Read More

Oh My God! My God Not Yours

OMG! mine, not yours is an opinion piece and metaphysical study from psychic medium Ian Scott and the spiritual view of gods and goddesses. Power Of Influence OMG!, there are literally thousands of gods and goddesses from myth to legend, to the power of the story. Choose a god, any god, going … Read More

Duality Spiritual Awareness

Duality Spiritual awareness and growth of the planet determine the balance of light and dark. A spiritual awakening article channeled. We live in a duality world, where there is light, there is dark. The world is full of people radiating love, light, and nonviolence and the world is also full of people … Read More

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