Willow Tree Meaning

Willow tree meaning totally feminine plant is all those watery things to do with emotions, feeling, sensitivity, vision, intuition, and divination. Ogham Astrology: April 15th – May 12th The next tree in the woodlands alphabet is my favorite – The Willow Tree.  Letter S (Celtic Saille) and there is no Australian tree … Read More

Guelder Rose Spiritual Meaning

Learn the metaphysical meanings of Guelder Rose. The Ogham Alphabet Translation – Guelder Rose spiritual meaning magic influences. Ogham Letter Ogham letter  P English: Guelder Rose, Water or Swamp Elder Celtic: Peith Element: Water   Guelder Rose Meaning Spiritual  Guelder Rose symbology, Horizon? Day of Creation? New Dawn.  Birth-death – Rebirth. Healing … Read More

Heather Spiritual Symbolic Meaning

Heather spiritual meaning symbolic link between mother Earth and Father Heaven. It has a strong influence on lifting the spirit and caring for others. Ogham Letters meanings Heather Ogham Letter: U English: Heather Celtic: Ur, Ura Latin: Calluna Vulgaris Ogham Element: Earth Ogham Astrology: Venus Ogham Animal: Bee / Lion. Heather Spiritual … Read More

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