Oak Tree Meaning And Symbolism

Oak Tree Meaning to lead the way to the truth, about past layers of action. Roots representing the past, the trunk, the present, the branches the future. Oak Tree the Doorway to mysteries Guardian of histories. Ogham Letter : D Celtic: Duir Australian Correspondence: Oak Ogham Astrology: Jupiter / Birth: June 10th – July 7th … Read More


Willow Tree Meaning

Willow tree meaning totally feminine plant is all those watery things to do with emotions, feeling, sensitivity, vision, intuition, and divination. Ogham Astrology: April 15th – May 12th The next tree in the woodlands alphabet is my favorite – The Willow Tree.  Letter S (Celtic Saille) and there is no Australian tree … Read More

Guelder Rose Meaning Peacemaker

  Learn the metaphysical meanings of Guelder Rose. The Ogham Alphabet Translation Guelder Rose meaning spiritual and metaphysical influences. Ogham Letter Ogham letter  P English: Guelder Rose, Water or Swamp Elder Celtic: Peith Element: Water   Guelder Rose Meaning Spiritual  Guelder Rose symbology, Horizon? Day of Creation? New Dawn.  Birth-death – Rebirth. … Read More

Forfeda Ogham Symbolic Meanings

Forfeda Ogham Alphabet extra letters were added sometime after the original were in use, probably around the 4th to the sixth century. Forfeda Definitions The Diphthongs Or Extra Letters According to research, these extra letters were added sometime after the original were in use, probably around the 4th to the sixth century. They … Read More

Heather Spiritual Symbolic Meaning

Heather spiritual meaning symbolic link between mother Earth and Father Heaven. It has a strong influence on lifting the spirit and caring for others. Ogham Letters meanings Heather Ogham Letter: U English: Heather Celtic: Ur, Ura Latin: Calluna Vulgaris Ogham Element: Earth Ogham Astrology: Venus Ogham Animal: Bee / Lion. Heather Spiritual … Read More

Blackthorn Tree Magical Meanings

Blackthorn Tree Magical Meanings sacred to the Triple Goddess, the Crone known in differing guises as Morrighan or Cailleach or Beira, Goddess of Winter. Letter: Z English: Blackthorn Celtic: Straif Latin: Prunus spinosa Planet: Saturn (plant) Mars (fruit) Element: Fire Gender: Masculine   Spiritual Meaning Blackthorn Tree Blackthorn is one of the … Read More