Triquetra Symbolic Meaning

The Celtic Triquetra meaning Triquetra The Power Of Three. The wheels of motion and the triad of spirals form a story. The symbol of the triad or trinity.   Triquetra Metaphysical Meaning The Triquetra meaning and message lies in the knowledge of time, time is circular like the seasons. Movement and change are inevitable … Read More


Triskelion Meaning Symbolic Metaphysical

  Triskelion Celtic Meaning The Celtic triple spiral or triskele symbolism and meaning sometimes called the spiral of life. Discovered in the Newgrange site the spiral (or “tri-spiral”) design is engraved on the stone in front of the entrance and represents one of the most famous Irish Megalithic scribings. The triskelion is an … Read More

Celtic Knot Symbolic Meaning

Celtic knot meaning a charm amulet or talisman warding against bad spirits ill health, obstacles and setbacks which may disturb the rhythm of life. About The Celtic Knot Celtic knots Endless knot, Love knots or mystic knots as they are sometimes known, are endless paths representing eternity and a never-ending journey this … Read More