Opal Spiritual Meaning

Opal spiritual meaning is a powerful shamans stone and greatly feared as bad luck by some. But this is not entirely true, The dazzling Opal, as well as being a beautiful Gemstone, Opal has a deep spiritual meaning too. Opal along with Tourmaline is the birthstone for people born in October. Opal … Read More

Moss Agate Meaning Spiritual

Moss agate meaning protects the physical body and enhances the mind and helps one connect with their soul. plus moss agate vs tree agate. Moss Agate Vs Tree Agate The Earths crystals for healing. Moss Agate and tree agate are often confused with each other, having a similar look colour and meaning. … Read More

Tree Agate Meaning

Tree agate meaning the stone of plenitude and also the druids stone because of its relationship with the unique tree patterns shown within the stone. Tree agate crystal is not really an agate at all, with green dendritic lines and silicate pathways wrapped in a form of chalcedony. Tree Agate is a microcrystalline … Read More

Fire Agate Spiritual Meaning

Fire agate spiritual meaning the dragon’s eye fire agate sees where the human eye cannot, giving way to powerful visions and glimpses of the future. Fire Agate is a variety of chalcedony a semi-precious gemstone found in certain areas of northern Mexico and the southwestern United States. Roundabout 24 to 36 million years … Read More

Citrine Crystal Spiritual Meaning

Healing Power Of Citrine Crystal Citrine quartz crystal is an energizer providing physical energy, helping with tiredness and a lack of enthusiasm. Citrine is the ideal aura detox, balancing and harmonizing the light body. Attracting abundance of whichever energy we work in, extending our reach with manifesting our wants and desires. Citrine Meaning … Read More

Tigers Eye Meaning

Tigers Eye Metaphysical Healing Properties Gold Tigers Eye Vibrates to the number 4 Chakras = Solar Plexus 3rd, Sacral 2nd Element = Fire, Earth Planet = Sun Zodiac = Capricorn Health = Reproductive organs, Spine Tigers eye crystal is a variety of quartz crystal a silicate and has a hardness of seven. … Read More

Rose Quartz Crystal Meaning

Rose Quartz Spiritual Meaning Chakra = Heart Element = Earth, Water Zodiac = Taurus. Libra Planet = Venus Health = Chest, Lungs, Kidneys, Heart Rose quartz crystal the symbol of unconditional love and emotional healing. Creating trust, harmony, closer friendships, love and inner peace. A calming crystal with astounding healing powers emanating the … Read More

Lapis Lazuli Spiritual Meaning

  About Lapis Lazuli The mineral rock consists of calcite, lazurite, and pyrite. Mined for over six thousand years and found all over the world from Afghanistan, Angola, Argentina, Canada, Chile, India, Italy, Myanmar, Pakistan, Russia to the United States. Lapis Lazuli crystal favoured for its royal blue colour with white and gold marbling, … Read More

4 Crystal Secrets 4 Easy To Use Healing Powers

  Healing With Crystal Secrets Crystal quartz makes for the ideal healing wands. Place the butt of the wand in the centre of your right palm ( hand chakra ), open the left hand pointing the palm chakra at the ground or the nearest tree. Absorb the energy of the earth through … Read More