Samhain Meaning

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Samhain meaning in celebration the Pagans and Druids have gathered once more to perform the fire rituals and guide the tribe.  Samhain Samhain.  (pronounces sow-in) November 1st in the Northern Hemisphere 1st of May in the Southern Hemisphere. The wheel of the year says It is Samhain fire festival time, and the … Read More

Aspen Tree Spiritual Meaning

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Aspen tree spiritual meaning Fear is not to be feared but recognized as the opportunity to embrace our shadow selves. This is the energy of the spiritual warrior. Aspen Ogham letters meaning Letter: E/EA Celtic: Eagha, Eadha Latin: Populus tremula Element: Air Astrology: Saturn, Sun, Jupiter. Animal: Dove Aspen Ogham Divination Meanings … Read More

Elder Tree Magical Meaning

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Elder Tree Magical Meaning one of the strongest reputations for fairy and witch superstitions and magical protection of all the Ogham trees. Ogham Astrology Elder: November 25th – December 23rd English: Elder Celtic: Ruis Latin: Sambucus nigra Planet: Venus Ogham Element Elder: Water   Elder Tree Symbol Meaning Elder is a fitting tree … Read More

Vine Spiritual Symbolic Meaning

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Vine spiritual meaning soul regeneration, movement and continuation, prosperous opportunity, communication and connection expansion fertility bounty. Ogham Letter M Celtic : Muin. (muhm) English: Muin. Latin: Vitis vinifera (LINN) Rubus Fruticose Astrology: Grape = Sun. /  Element Fire / Birth: September 2nd – September 29th Blackberry: Venus. / Element Water Vine Spiritual Meaning  Regeneration, … Read More

Elm Tree Symbol And Meaning

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Elm Tree Symbol And Meaning used for the attraction of fairies. It is associated with the Earth Goddesses – Druantia (The Queen of the Druids), and others. Divination Meaning Elm Tree “Ailim be the lady’s tree, burn it not or cursed ye’ll be.” (Kipling.) Letter:  A English:    Elm Celtic:    Ailim (Ollum) Latin:    … Read More

Spiritual Story “One For The Kids”

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A spiritual short story for kids written script and read-aloud video, learning from animals. Twin tales of little fox and two snakes. Spiritual Short Story Script {Druid Boy and Hibble Gibble Voiced by Ian Scott} Oak Tree, Hibble Gibble: “Is It Story Time, Druid Boy. Durian, Druid Boy: Oh Hibble Gibble, our … Read More

Herbal Lore Meaning

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Herbal lore meaning In ancient times herbalism was a mixture of medicine and magic and many of these plants were written into their mythos. Druid Herbal Lore Meaning And Legend There is a Druid legend where the Bards tell a story about a King of the deity Diancecht who was said to … Read More

Beech Tree Spiritual Meaning

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Beech tree spiritual meaning Magic and ancient knowledge revealed. Letting go of fixed ideas. Learning from the past. Language, literature, and books. Ogham Tree Lore Beech tree meaning spiritual, metaphysical and magical meanings behind the symbol/letter for Beech tree by druid priestess Jyoti Eagles. Ogham Letters Meanings Beech Tree Ogham letter: ae … Read More

Gooseberry Meaning

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Gooseberry meaning to have sympathetic magical qualities, representing that which is tasteful and the divine influence and for your highest good. Gooseberry meaning medicinal benefits. The Ogham alphabet, Gooseberry spiritual meaning and magical influences by druid priestess Jyoti Eagles. Ogham Letters Meanings Gooseberry Ogham Letter: IA or OI English: Gooseberry Celtic: Iphin … Read More

Beltane Meaning

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Beltane Meaning Spring is in full bloom! It’s May Eve and the bonfires are ablaze and there is much merriment. Beltane Celebrations complete with ritual. 1st May Northern Hemisphere 1st November southern Hemisphere May Day! May Day! Beltane Definition Spring is in full bloom!  It’s May Eve and the bonfires are ablaze … Read More

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