Beech Tree Meaning

Beech tree meaning Magic and ancient knowledge revealed. Letting go of fixed ideas. Learning from the past. Language, literature, and books. Ogham Tree Lore Beech tree meaning spiritual, metaphysical and magical meanings behind the symbol/letter for Beech tree by druid priestess Jyoti Eagles. Ogham Letters Meanings Beech Tree Ogham letter: ae English: Beech Celtic: Eamancholl Latin: Fagus sylvatica Ogham Astrology Beech: Saturn Beech Tree Element: … Read More


Gooseberry Meaning

Gooseberry meaning to have sympathetic magical qualities, representing that which is tasteful and the divine influence and for your highest good. Gooseberry meaning medicinal benefits. The Ogham alphabet, Gooseberry spiritual meaning and magical influences by druid priestess Jyoti Eagles. Ogham Letters Meanings Gooseberry Ogham Letter: IA or OI English: Gooseberry Celtic: Iphin Latin: Ribes uva-crispa Ogham Astrology: Venus. Gooseberry Spiritual Meaning Generations, gooseberry is … Read More

Beltane Meaning

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Beltane Celebration 1st May Northern Hemisphere 1st November southern Hemisphere May Day! May Day! Beltane Definition Spring is in full bloom!  It’s May Eve and the bonfires are ablaze and there is much merriment. The word “Beltaine” literally means ‘bright’ or brilliant fire’, so the fires have been lit. They’re created from the nine sacred woods, the Willow of the streams, the Hazel of … Read More

Autumn Equinox Meaning

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Alban Elfed Celebration  21/22nd September – Northern hemisphere 21/21 March – Southern hemisphere Autumn Equinox Meaning The Autumnal Equinox is called Alban Elfed or Light of the Water in the Druid tradition. It represents the second of the harvest festivals – this time marking the end of harvest-time.  Again day and night are equally balanced as they were at the time of the Spring … Read More

Aspen Tree Symbolic Meaning

Aspen tree meaning Fear is not to be feared but recognized as the opportunity to embrace our shadow selves. This is the energy of the spiritual warrior. Aspen Ogham letters meaning Letter: E/EA Celtic: Eagha, Eadha Latin: Populus tremula Element: Air Astrology: Saturn, Sun, Jupiter. Animal: Dove Aspen Ogham Divination Meanings Aspen tree meaning is associated with conquering fear. It’s very named ‘Populs tremula’ … Read More

Mistletoe Spiritual Symbolic Meaning

Mistletoe meaning Hung over the bed it was believed to bring good dreams and a night of peaceful sleep. A plant of dawn and dusk, a magic portal. “The trees, though summer, yet forlorn and lean, Overcome with moss and baleful Mistletoe (Shakespeare) Ogham Letters Meaning Mistletoe Letter: U English: Mistletoe Celtic: The Unspeakable Latin: Viscum album Element: Air Astrology: Sun Animal: Cow, Pheasant. … Read More

Heather Spiritual Symbolic Meaning

Heather spiritual meaning symbolic link between mother Earth and Father Heaven. It has a strong influence on lifting the spirit and caring for others. Ogham Letters meanings Heather Ogham Letter: U English: Heather Celtic: Ur, Ura Latin: Calluna Vulgaris Ogham Element: Earth Ogham Astrology: Venus Ogham Animal: Bee / Lion. Heather Spiritual Meaning  Heather, Passion, generosity, healing, success, spiritual growth, connections with the spirit … Read More

Furze Meaning And Symbolism

Furze meaning indicates the gathering of all the things needed to carry out your goals, or of information that may be life-changing. Ogham Letters Meanings Furze Ogham Letter :    O English: Furze, Gorse Celtic: Ohn, Onn Latin: Ulex Europeans Ogham Astrology: Venus Element: Earth Furze Spiritual Meaning Industry, protection, vibrancy, independence intelligence, passion, sexuality. Due to its prickly nature, it is also a tree of protection. … Read More

Elm Tree Symbol And Meaning

Elm Tree Symbol And Meaning used for the attraction of fairies. It is associated with the Earth Goddesses – Druantia (The Queen of the Druids), and others. Divination Meaning Elm Tree “Ailim be the lady’s tree, burn it not or cursed ye’ll be.” (Kipling.) Letter:  A English:    Elm Celtic:    Ailim (Ollum) Latin:    Ulmus spp. Ogham Planet Elm:    Moon – Jupiter Ogham Astrology Elm:    Saturn Elm Tree … Read More

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