Poem About The Fey Folk

Aes Sidh is the Celtic word for faery Meaning “The people of peace” The veil between the humans and the faeries, is only one of perception and focus. The fey folk “the little people” supernatural creatures, with magik in their hearts and enchantment in their hands. The spellcasters of the magic circle, … Read More


Blackthorn Tree Magical Meanings

Blackthorn Tree Magical Meanings sacred to the Triple Goddess, the Crone known in differing guises as Morrighan or Cailleach or Beira, Goddess of Winter. Letter: Z English: Blackthorn Celtic: Straif Latin: Prunus spinosa Planet: Saturn (plant) Mars (fruit) Element: Fire Gender: Masculine   Spiritual Meaning Blackthorn Tree Blackthorn is one of the … Read More