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Hibiscus Flower Meaning

Hibiscus flower meaning

The Hibiscus flower meaning. has long been used by witches and wizards alike, to attract love, lust, passion and prophetic dreams. About, The Hibiscus Flower The Hibiscus family is quite extensive and varied, there are over 200 species ranging from woody shrubs to small trees, with the two main categories being the tropical Hibiscus and … Read more

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Guelder Rose Spiritual Meaning

Guelder Rose Meaning

Learn the metaphysical meanings of Guelder Rose. The Ogham Alphabet Translation – Guelder Rose spiritual meaning magic influences. Ogham Letter Ogham letter  P English: Guelder Rose, Water or Swamp Elder Celtic: Peith Element: Water   [clear] Guelder Rose Meaning Spiritual  Guelder Rose symbology, Horizon? Day of Creation? New Dawn.  Birth-death – Rebirth. Healing Benefits And … Read more

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Mistletoe Spiritual Meaning

Druid Alphabet

Mistletoe spiritual meaning Hung over the bed it was believed to bring good dreams and a night of peaceful sleep. A plant of dawn and dusk, a magic portal. “The trees, though summer, yet forlorn and lean, Overcome with moss and baleful Mistletoe (Shakespeare) Ogham Letters Meaning Mistletoe Letter: U English: Mistletoe Celtic: The Unspeakable … Read more

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Heather Spiritual Symbolic Meaning

ogham heather

Heather spiritual meaning symbolic link between mother Earth and Father Heaven. It has a strong influence on lifting the spirit and caring for others. Ogham Letters meanings Heather Ogham Letter: U English: Heather Celtic: Ur, Ura Latin: Calluna Vulgaris Ogham Element: Earth Ogham Astrology: Venus Ogham Animal: Bee / Lion. Heather Spiritual Meaning  Heather, Passion, … Read more

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Holly Tree Spiritual Meaning

The Ogham

Holly Tree Spiritual Meaning planted near the house to protect them from lightning, storm, fire and hexes.  Its wood was also used indoor sills to repel sorcery. Ogham Letter: T for Tinne Latin: Ilex  Aquifolium Australian equivalent: Helmet Orchid Corybas Ogham Astrology: Saturn/Mars. Birth: July 8 – August 4th Celtic Tree Month of Holly Begins Element: Fire. … Read more