Halloween Numerology 2018

What does the night of the 31st of October hold in its mystical influence upon us? Halloween Numerology 2018. What gives Halloween its power? The October spring full moon every year powers the night of Halloween the closer the full moon becomes to the 31st of October the stronger its metaphysical influence. Halloween … Read More


When Is Halloween?

  When is Halloween 2017? Halloween is always celebrated on the 31st of October. Australians have had a long history in celebrating halloween it is now becoming more popular than ever. Halloween Ritual for prosperity With Halloween around the corner and the Beltane celebrations – southern hemisphere, Samhain fire festival  – northern hemisphere, The … Read More

Ghosts are Real

Paranormal Activity Ghost Stories Real As a clairvoyant, and as many of my colleagues confer – there is nothing supernatural or unnatural about their existence. Ghosts are real. Quantum Physics is, at last, paving the way for a better understanding of the universe and what lies behind the order or creation and the … Read More

What Is Halloween?

Halloween History Over the centuries the Christian church has replaced many of the pagan customs and gods with their own Rituals and saints. Samhuin (pronounced Sow-win) was replaced by All Hallows or all saints day which was then shortened to Halloween. At this time in Australia, we celebrate Beltane. As the winter months approached in days of old, our ancestors would … Read More