Past Life Regression Creating Healing by Experiencing Past Lives

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When some people hear me say I conduct past life regression sessions, the thoughts of possibly being a queen or someone famous will inevitably pop into their mind. This is usually far from what actually happens during a session. The idea that it is an entertainment service and fun to see what your past lives may have been, is one I’d like to dispel. While … Read More


Selenite Crystal Meaning

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Selenite Crystal Meaning Spiritual Selenite crystal meaning often called the angel stone. Due to its ability to help one connect with our passed over loved ones and our spiritual guides and guardian angels. Offering amplification of psychic energy enabling the common person to tune into the angelic presence in their life. Selenite crystal vibrations are that of peace and tranquillity with an underlying sense … Read More

Tree Agate Meaning

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Tree agate crystal is not really an agate at all, with green dendritic lines and silicate pathways wrapped in a form of chalcedony. Tree Agate is a microcrystalline variety of quartz crystal. In India, the tree agate is said to be a sacred talisman. Tree Agate Meaning Spiritual The meaning of tree agate is wide and complex. Tree agate is known as the stone of … Read More

Guided Meditation The Pebble

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Written Meditation Healing Technique This written meditation is designed to heal one of a long-suffering emotional scar from the past (PTSD). Although it may be used to heal or rid yourself of negative energies of the present too. There is a list of tools you will need as this written meditation relies on ritual. Meditation Tools Needed A clear glass bowl, tea light candle, small … Read More

Fire Agate Spiritual Meaning

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Fire Agate is a variety of chalcedony a semi-precious gemstone found in certain areas of northern Mexico and the southwestern United States. Roundabout 24 to 36 million years ago these particular areas were home to massive volcanic activity (Tertiary Period). Fire agates were formed during this period of volcanism when hot water, saturated with silica and iron oxide, repeatedly filled cracks and bubbles in the … Read More

Fuchsite Crystal Meaning

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Fuchsite crystal is a beautiful green stone (Chromium is the source of fuchsite’s green colour) that sparkles in the lowest of light and which is a form of muscovite mica. Found in Brazil, Russia, India, and Pakistan. Fuchsite has a scale-like appearance showing ridges and plates giving it an earthy tone sprinkled with a little magic. Fuchsite Crystal Meaning Spiritual Fuchsite’s spiritual meaning is all about … Read More

Pranic Healing And Does It Work

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Pranic healing is a simple yet effective system founded by Master Choa Kok Sui. Master Choa dedicated his life to developing this system and for 20 years, he had traveled the world and directly instructed young generations of future prana healers. This healing method encompasses a ‘no-touch’ approach and it is based on the following principles, our organisms have an inborn self-restorative capacity. The body’s … Read More

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