Spiritual Transference Healing Foods

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Energy Transference Healing through cooking food for yourself and for others, heal from the inside out with love and psychic energy. Spiritual Energy Healing is achieved in many ways with many different faiths, beliefs, and techniques. This form of energy transference is accomplished the same way we would treat a person with … Read More

Guided Meditation The Pebble

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Meditation the pebble. Take an emotional journey of release and freedom, with this spiritual healing written meditation with psychic medium Ian Scott Written Meditation Healing Technique This written meditation is designed to heal one of a long-suffering emotional scar from the past (PTSD). Although it may be used to heal or rid yourself … Read More

Water And Seed Spiritual Healing

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Water and seed spiritual healing a developed intuition will change the molecular structure of your now personalized spiritual healing charged love water. Spiritual Healing is magic, healing is a state of mind, healing is natural, healing 24/7 as nature intended. Spiritual Energy Healing Water 1. Start with good clean water fill a container … Read More

Crystal Healing Meditation

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Crystal healing meditation. Written guided spiritual meditation. Spiritual Meditation healing with crystals by Ian Scott. Crystal Healing Meditation Lay down, arms by your side, legs a comfortable, shoulder-width apart. Rest your eyes, breathe in deeply, in through the nose, exhale out of the mouth. Do this three times. Have a personal crystal … Read More

Fuchsite Crystal Meaning

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Fuchsite crystal meaning. The metaphysical spiritual and healing properties of Fuchsite, reference guide and how to use fuchsite for spiritual healing. Fuchsite crystal is a beautiful green stone (Chromium is the source of fuchsite’s green colour) that sparkles in the lowest of light and which is a form of muscovite mica. Found … Read More

Spirulina Health Benefits

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Spirulina health benefits. Super Food Spirulina the blue-green algae, uses against cancers and it’s an amazing immune-boosting benefit. Spirulina Health Benefits With unsurpassed health and nutritional composition not known by any other food, herb, grain or plant, Spirulina is a form of blue-green algae that is farmed and grows wildly today in … Read More

Crystal Healing Water D.I.Y

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A simple but powerful ritualistic method to either heal the body or just uplift the soul, using crystal healing water to reach the insides. Learn To Make Crystal Healing Water A powerful ritualistic method to either heal the body or just uplift the soul, using crystal energy healing water to reach the … Read More

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