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Love Oracle Online

love oracle

Love oracle reading free online, with interpretations, messages, and answers from popular Australian Psychic Medium Ian Scott. Psychic Love Oracle Free Online Most accurate love oracle free online card reading, close your eyes ask for guidance from the divine or your own spiritual guides about the question. Make it clear to them … Read more

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Twin Flames Vs Soul Mates

twin flames

What are twin flames and soul mates and what’s the difference? How do you know if someone is a twin flame or a soul-mate? What Are Twin Flames And Soul Mates The spiritual meaning behind twin flames and soul mates. The concept of soul mates and twin flames has a grounding … Read more

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Hibiscus Flower Meaning

Hibiscus flower meaning

The Hibiscus flower meaning. has long been used by witches and wizards alike, to attract love, lust, passion and prophetic dreams. About, The Hibiscus Flower The Hibiscus family is quite extensive and varied, there are over 200 species ranging from woody shrubs to small trees, with the two main categories being … Read more

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Am I In The Right Relationship ?

am i in the right relationship

Right Relationship, a spiritual outlook, so how do I know if I am in the right relationship/friendship? by psychic medium Ian Scott. “How do I know if I am in the right relationship?”, a question I am asked on a regular basis through my readings, and quite a valid one. Three … Read more

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Excuse Me Bro, Hey Brother!

Hey Brother Spiritual Poetry “Excuse me, bro” “Hey brother” I notice a frown, are you a bit down Hey hey brother !  are you alright don’t want to pry, but I notice you cry Hey brother hop on your feet throw your arm around me I will help you walk again … Read more

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A Single Persons Guide To Encouraging Love

A guide for single persons. Loving someone (other than your family) with unconditional love and the person you’re with also loves unconditionally. Over the many years of practicing as a psychic reader, relationships continue to be the most popular reason why people consult a psychic. The tricky thing about relationships is … Read more

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Friendships Relationships

Friendships Relationships Are Like Motor Cars Are You A Yellow, Brown or Old Red Friend? Some Friends are very kind, A comedic take. Friendships Relationships Are Like Motor Cars Are You A Yellow, Brown or Old Red Friend? Flower Friend Some Friends are very kind, sweet and bubbly. They try to … Read more

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