Re-Connection Love Spell

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A Re-Connection Love Spell designed to bring back the love of the past or even soul mates and twin flames from psychic medium Ian Scott Relationship and Family Reconnection Love Spell An Earth Magic Re-connection Love Spell. Emotional situations and matters of the heart lie in the west. The planet Venus is the energy and power of love. Archangel Gabriel sits and protects the … Read More


Earth Magic Gaia Magick

Utilizing or burrowing the celestial energy of the sun, moon and other planets is known as earth magic. Empowering the magician with extraordinary psychic energy. Earth Magic With ritual gesture or even just speaking aloud to the heavens. Your magical mojo will definitely be uplifted while you work a spell or bring a project or goal to life. Within a super complex network of … Read More

Money Tree Magic Spell

The Money Tree Magic Spell. Use the power of nature to change your mindset and create wealth and abundance in your life. A spiritual practice. Money Tree Magic Spell Is good luck a simple matter of chance? or is it destiny? Masterful magicians, witches and wizards and others of the craft create their own luck, The intentions of one’s desires may be manifested through … Read More

Candle Magic Colour Meanings

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Candle Color Magic Candle Magic Colour Meanings for use in metaphysical, spiritual divination and spell casting from psychic medium Ian Scott. About Candle Magic Candle magic is an ancient art encompassing the elemental power of transformation to bring forth change. With manifestation intentions carried out to the universe through the element of fire. Through sympathetic magic, candles are used to send distant healing to … Read More

The How To Of Sigil Magic

The metaphysical art of sigil magic. What is a sigil and what is it used for? How do I make my own magical sigil symbol? An online tutorial on sigil magick and the symbol meanings. What Is A Sigil Magic? The word sigil comes from the Latin word “sigillum” translated means seal. A sigil is a magician’s seal a symbolic physical manifestation of the intent … Read More

Candle Magik For Wealth

Candle magic spell to bring about wealth in one’s life. Using universal principles and the elements of fire and water, using an ancient Ogham symbol. Defining Wealth For Candle Magik Defining wealth is the most important aspect of a healthy positive attitude towards money. If we find ourselves in financial difficulty, the usual reaction is to worry and maybe panic. This actually accentuates the … Read More

Who Is Of Metaphysical Magic

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Spiritual Magic Mandala: Ian Scott 2013 Golden Dawn Of Magik According to the tradition of the Golden Dawn, there were ten grades, which are associated with the Sephiroth of the Tree of life, plus the probationary degree for the Neophytes. In this tradition, it is vital for the student to first learn about the foundation of magic, not the practice, before advancing through the … Read More

Why Of Metaphysical Magic

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The Heart Of The Magi The fourth period begins with the sixteenth century when scholars in Europe investigated ancient literature and began to question the motives of the church. The church had taught that the Druids were savages until the arrival of Christianity, but the intellectuals and philosophers of this time began to discover that they were far from it and started the Druid … Read More

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