Happy Healthy You

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Happy healthy you. Repeating this affirmation several times a day will instill confidence, self-worth and encourage change through positive vision. Spiritual Awareness Positive Thinking Be sure not to have any distractions or disturbances. In silence and comfortable surroundings breathe in deeply, relax, feel your body weight sinking into contention. Personal Development Happy … Read More

Meditation Music Letting Go

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 Take a deep breath, close your eyes, Relax. Allow the meditation music letting go to transform you. Free to download meditation music Mp3 online, a spiritual awareness piece to release negative and unwanted energies, by psychic medium Ian Scott. Meditation Music Letting Go Letting go. Seek out through contemplation, what is truly … Read More


Personal Power

posted in: Spirituality

Personal Power And Spiritual Development Personal Power Definition The inner and outer worlds of spirit, present to us messages of personal power and ancient wisdom. All we do, all we see, and all we experience are inspiring us to have an awareness of our own personal power and connection to the universe around … Read More

A Spiritual Love Connection

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Spiritual Love In Relationships Spiritual Love Connection. The key to nature is always balance and we on planet earth are required to walk a fine line for our very survival. As a species we are not that well designed to survive the sometimes harsh forces of nature, so, with our superior intelligence, … Read More


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