8 Ways To A Healthy Mind Body Soul

Healthy mind body soul, In essence, we are a spiritual being living a physical existence for reasons of developing and growing one’s soul. Mind Body Soul There is three parts mind body soul. The complete complex makeup of who we call ourselves. First the flesh and organs the complex wonder of nature … Read More

9 Ways To Build Your Character

Build Your Character  Choose Your Destiny 100 percent of who we are, is determined by our actions, not only to others but also ourselves. Thought and talk, only have power, after they are put into action. Build Your Character Questionnaire If you answer yes to all of the questions in each section then … Read More

Open Third Eye Vision Tool

Psychic Development Vision Tool A visualization tool to awaken the imagination and open the inner intuitive eye. When the physical eye’s close the inner eyes of the soul open. When the body shuts down for sleep, the astral body livens. Visualization Tool – Alive mandala – Art Work Ian Scott Open Third … Read More

Personal Power

Personal Power And Spiritual Development Personal Power Definition The inner and outer worlds of spirit, present to us messages of personal power and ancient wisdom. All we do, all we see, and all we experience are inspiring us to have an awareness of our own personal power and connection to the universe around … Read More