Full Moon July 2018 Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse

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The Full Moon in July 2018 resides in the sign of Aquarius at 4° on the 27 – 28th.  The Astrology Meaning and the spiritual and metaphysical influences on a special blood moon lunar eclipse. When the moon passes through the centre of the earth’s shadow. A complete centralized shadow not seen since June 2011. The 21st centuries longest lunar eclipse. A true spiritual … Read More


Full Moon December Meaning 2017

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Full Moon December Meaning 2017 Astrology The full moon December super moon 2017 Australia falls on the 4th at 2;47 am ADET. Residing in the sign of Gemini 11° with the astrological aspects of Moon square Neptune and Sun square Neptune. Just before the full moon occurs Mercury stations retrograde adding to the strength, diversity and influence of the powers of the moon. Los Angeles … Read More