July Full Moon Meaning

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The full moon meaning this Sunday the 9th of July 2017 is at 17º in the zodiac sign of Capricorn. Moon conjunct Pluto, Mars opposite Pluto. This month’s full moon packs a punch, by now you should all be feeling the intensity and hyperreactivity of the energy of the full moon. Full Moon July Spiritual Meaning With tensions around the world on high alert, … Read More


Citrine Crystal Spiritual Meaning

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Healing Power Of Citrine Crystal Citrine quartz crystal is an energizer providing physical energy, helping with tiredness and a lack of enthusiasm. Citrine is the ideal aura detox, balancing and harmonizing the light body. Attracting abundance of whichever energy we work in, extending our reach with manifesting our wants and desires. Citrine Meaning Esoteric And Metaphysical Citrine crystal is used as a creativity and imagination enhancer … Read More

Amethyst Crystal Spiritual Meaning

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Healing Power Of Amethyst Crystal Amethyst crystal meaning is connected to the third eye-raising intuition and mental energy, known to clarify one’s thoughts. Amethyst crystal inspires the mind and amplifies the meditation experience. Helping one realign with the divine energy of the universe, amethyst plays an important role in connecting us with the metaphysical world. Amethyst crystal broadens your creativity and inspiration soothing the … Read More

Clear Quartz Crystal Meaning

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Clear quartz crystal meaning. Spiritual esoteric signs and symbols. How to utilize its energy for healing and spiritual practice.   Metaphysical Properties Clear Quartz Clear quartz crystal. Crown chakra, healing power, magickal energy, clarity of mind, helps one connect with their higher self, aids in clear communication with spirit. Prismatic effects releasing light rainbows enabling it to tackle all healing situations and or circumstances. … Read More