Ghost Chaser A House Clearing

Ghosts Of Australia A House Clearing A house clearing. Several years ago, as part of my work as a ‘house clearer’, I was asked to clear a restaurant in Byron Bay for the new owner, who said things had been flying around the kitchen and bar area and he was having trouble … Read More


Real Ghost Story To See Or Not To See

Paranormal Activity Real Ghost Story I have always had a fascination for the supernatural, growing up with a psychic mother and living in a house that has ghostly visitors, I guess only fueled my interest. I often found myself awake in the dead of night to hear shuffling footsteps. Every now and … Read More

Ghost Story Goose Bumps

Ghost Story Goose Bumps I remember it clearly, the first time I thought about spirituality seriously. That whole day was off, but the evening settled steadily, leaving me to scoff at my earlier sentiments. Out of nowhere, the night turned cold, the chill within the blowing winds leaving goose bumps on my skin. … Read More

Ghost Horse Story Old Man Blue

Paranormal Ghost Story Many moons ago and far, far away (well not that far… it was in the Gold Coast hinterlands) I lived in a barn on a farm and looked after a motley crew of animals.  There were bulls (like the well-hung Henry) and his harem of girls but my faves … Read More

Psychic Children A Ghost Story

The Paranormal Psychic Children Ghosts and small children It was a dark and stormy night, the rain was lashing at the windows. I was sitting on the couch watching a scary movie with my husband when my daughter, Willow, who was four at the time, came running out in tears crying about … Read More