Mind Power Psychic Protection

Mind Power Psychic Protection, learn The fundamentals and psychic power and how it can protect you from incoming negative energy from others. Mind Power Psychic Protection Psychic protection for empaths. The most vulnerable group to psychic attacks from others is the empaths of the world. Even negative thoughts thrown towards the empath … Read More

Psychic Iridology How To

Psychic Iridology is an art form of predicting the health both mentally and physically through the iris of the eyes. A perspective from a psychic medium. Psychic Iridology How-To Psychic Iridology Reading The Eyes Iridology is a long-practiced psychic art form going back thousands of years. The practice comes with charts and … Read More

Psychic Signs Body Intuitions

Psychic Signs Body Intuitions The left ear goes red and hot? Someone is talking good of you, gossip is projected your way with a positive loving influence. My left-hand itches what does that mean? The ancient art of reading the body’s spiritual signals. Psychic Signs Body Intuitions by psychic medium Ian Scott. … Read More

Psychic Trackers

Psychic trackers have always been used and abused by governments and warlike factions. A lone wolf trained in surveillance and the ancient magickal arts. What Are Psychic Trackers? A psychic tracker is a lone wolf trained in the ancient magickal arts. A person hired by governments and various other security companies to … Read More

How To Do Psychometry Psychic Ability

How to do psychometry or post-cognition, a psychic development tool. Train your intuition to pick up the past, present, and future. What Is Psychometry Or Post-cognition Psychometry belongs to the category extrasensory perception or ESP. Psychometry is also known as post-cognition or object reading, it is the art of sensing vibrations left … Read More

Scrying Psychic Ability How To

Scrying psychic ability is known also as crystal ball gazing, where visions of the present or future events are revealed. Scrying esoteric definition Scrying is known also as crystal ball gazing, where visions of the present or future events are revealed. Scrying may be used for divination purposes for a single client … Read More

Psychic ESP Test Zener Cards

ESP test Zener cards online. Zener cards are a set of 25 cards with five basic symbols repeated five times a circle, a star, a square…  What Are The Zener Cards? Zener cards are set of 25 cards with five basic symbols repeated five times a circle, a star, a square, a … Read More

What Is Remote Viewing?

What is remote viewing? being able to see, feel, taste, smell and hear a person, object, place, and event at a distance. by psychic medium Ian Scott What Is Remote Viewing And How Does It Work? Remote viewing or telesthesia. The term remote viewing was popularized by Stanford Research Insitute who conducted … Read More

Learn How To See Auras

Learn how to see auras colours with easy to do exercises, understanding our aura energy field by psychic medium Ian Scott. Learn How To See Auras What is the aura? We’re made up of three definable parts, the mind (our processor), body (our case or vehicle) and our soul. Our soul is … Read More

Psychic Mediumship Art Of Channeling

Spirituality and the art form of Psychic Mediumship and channeling the passed over and spirit guides by psychic medium Ian Scott Channeling a spirit guide Becoming a medium does not happen overnight. It takes a lot of soul-searching, discipline, and training of the mind, body, and spirit. An older soul ( young … Read More

Telekinesis Do You Have It ?

Telekinesis Demonstration Watch as this disabled man performs Telekinesis (psychokinesis) right in front of a passing crowd on the streets of Thailand.  Seemingly not many are surprised, I’m guessing they think it’s a trick or parlour magic, check it out for yourself. Telekinesis Meaning A Super Human Ability Telekinesis (a Greek word meaning distant movement) … Read More

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