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Colour Spiritual Meanings

colour meanings

Colour meanings. Using colour therapy soothe and heal the mind and body. Create and inspire spiritual wisdom through colour. Spiritual Colour Meanings Red Spiritual Meaning Red is fiery and energetic and creates inner warmth, confidence, courage, energy, healing, strength, determination, passion, sexual attraction and keeps us spontaneous! The colour red stimulates … Read more

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Psychic Manifestation In 5 Steps

to conjure

A step by step manual on how to attract your wants and desires through manifestation, psychic medium Ian Scott’s spiritual techniques. Manifestation The Art Of The art of manifesting your dreams and desires, the down, truthful and dirty version. Let’s start at the very beginning, the place where magic is found, … Read more

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Developing Intuition Sixth Sense

sixth sense

Learn about developing your intuition, psychic abilities, and spiritual awareness and the sixth sense by psychic Jyoti Eagles. Developing Intuition A spiritual awakening. By expanding your spiritual awareness into all of your senses you will automatically increase your intuition because you will be living more in the present moment with your … Read more

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