Am I In The Right Relationship ?

“How do I know if I am in the right relationship?”, a question I am asked on a regular basis through my readings, and quite a valid one. Three thoughts immediately come to mind when I am asked for relationship advice, the first thought is, this is a question you should be … Read More


A Single Persons Guide To Encouraging Love

Over the many years of practising as a psychic reader, relationships continue to be the most popular reason why people consult a psychic. The tricky thing about relationships is there are a few universal laws that apply. Earth is a learning place, a place to learn unconditional love, which is the core … Read More

A Spiritual Love Connection

Spiritual Love In Relationships Spiritual Love Connection. The key to nature is always balance and we on planet earth are required to walk a fine line for our very survival. As a species we are not that well designed to survive the sometimes harsh forces of nature, so, with our superior intelligence, … Read More