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Am I In The Right Relationship ?

am i in the right relationship

Right Relationship, a spiritual outlook, so how do I know if I am in the right relationship/friendship? by psychic medium Ian Scott. “How do I know if I am in the right relationship?”, a question I am asked on a regular basis through my readings, and quite a valid one. Three … Read more

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9 Ways To Build Your Character

Build Your Character.100% of who we are, is determined by our actions, not only to others but also ourselves. Thought and talk, only have power, after they are put into action.  Choose Your Destiny 100 percent of who we are, is determined by our actions, not only to others but also ourselves. … Read more

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Finding Balance Within Our Thoughts

finding balance
 finding balance
Spiritual Development Staying In The Positive


Self Awareness

Which of these emotions are affecting you right now about anyone or anything? If your feelings are in the negative you will need to communicate and be honest with yourself and others to shift you and your relationships into a new positive change or risk losing what is around you. Give yourself a score, each time you recognize one of these feelings in yourself mark it down as a point. A score over ten in one column gives you a clear answer to are you in the positive?

Finding Balance And Happiness

If your feelings are already in the positive then congratulations, you will be feeling happy and have loving people and friends around you. Your communication is clear and people are assured of your love and honesty.© by psychic medium Ian ScottNature’s Oracle Cards

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Negative Demon Positive Angel

angel healing

A metaphysical study of the angels and demons which live inside of us. The spiritual duality of the realm of earth. Are you a positive angel? or a negative demon? The Negative Demon True happiness is found when you love yourself for who you are and all you may become. If … Read more

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