Where’s Your Head At?

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Personal Growth Are You, Willing, To Look Inside Do you pick on others, do you bring to attention to the faults of others. Are you angry with a short temper? Do you get upset with what others do? Do things always go pear-shaped, with emotional outbursts? Do you constantly argue with others? Are you always looking at people making judgements and comments? Do others … Read More


Create Your Own Future

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Create Your Own Future spiritual quote. Inspirational spiritual growth through personal knowledge of thyself and awareness developing personal skills. Create Your Own Future Spiritual Quote Future spiritual quote surrender to the highest force of your being, the parts of you which run at a higher vibration, happy and full of energy. Expecting only that which is for your highest purpose. Let go of all … Read More

Happy Healthy You

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Spiritual Awareness Positive Thinking Be sure not to have any distractions or disturbances. In silence and comfortable surrounds breathe in deeply, relax, feel your body weight sinking into contention.   Personal Development Happy Healthy You Breathe deeply in through the nose and exhale out of the mouth. Read the affirmation several times, say it out loud, say it silently, learn it, remember it, and … Read More

Modern Electronic Family Boundaries

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Modern Electronic Family Boundaries Families are fantastic. They can be diverse, tight-knit, energetic and a safe place to land after a long and bothersome day. Uplifting our spirits one day and breaking our hearts the next. A family built on love, honesty and trust are indestructible. Today in our modern technological age, our family unit is fragile with the possibility of destruction, quite effortlessly … Read More

You’re Beautiful Poem

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 You’re Beautiful Poem Loving Thyself “Turn On The Light” I am the light and I look for you, it’s OK to seek something new. Don’t let things get you down, find a way to move beyond the frown. You’re beautiful, for some yet unknown shadowed reasons, you fail to see that yourself. Amongst this crazy world with all its greed, hatred and dishonesty, is … Read More

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