Currawong Spiritual Meaning

The Australian spirit animal totem the Currawong spiritual meaning and metaphysical influences and his ancient mystical call.   There are three species of currawong found in the eastern states of Australia the pied currawong (Strepera graculina) featured above. The grey currawong (Strepera Versicolor) and the black currawong (S. fuliginosa) which is only … Read More

Dragon Metaphysical Meaning

Dragon Metaphysical Meaning. Having dragon as your totem animal or spirit animal is a path of spiritual development and enlightenment. Spirit Animal Dragon Metaphysical Meaning And Symbolism. Born from myth and legend the dragon holds great spiritual and magical significance. The metaphysical magic and secrets of the astral serpent revealed. Dragon Metaphysical … Read More

Lion Symbolism And Meaning

Lion Spiritual Meaning The spiritual meanings of the animal totem lion. The lion is a friendly self-composed big beast power with a message of sagacity. Those who hold the animal totem lion are leaders, not followers free thinkers with a unique knowledge of earth magick and wisdom. Spirit animal lion asks? have you … Read More

Jaguar Totem Spiritual Meaning

Power Animal Totem The Jaguar meaning. Maya beliefs and the metaphysical and spiritual meanings of the animal spirit Jaguar the big cat. Jaguar Symbolism In Mayan Culture The Mayan Jaguar God, Balam (Bah-Iahm). Worshipped and revered for its power and grace the Mayan people thought of the Jaguar as a gold token … Read More

Wolf Spiritual Meaning

Knowers Of The Ancients Path Talking the sounds of wolves touching and reaching the heart Tracking the old soul is the love of Wolf. Wolf spiritual meaning The Teacher – enables us to gather our inner strength provoking controlled aggression and a will to achieve. What is the symbolic meaning of the … Read More

Dolphin Spiritual Meaning

Dolphin Spiritual meaning. Spiritual and metaphysical meanings of the animal spirit guide Dolphin, complete with symbolism and wisdom from the dolphin. Dolphin Animal Spirit Symbolism The dolphin animal spirit has relations with Neptune the moon and the element water. Dolphin spirits have mastered unconditional love, harmony, and balance. Dolphins are sentient beings … Read More

Panther Symbolic Meaning

Panther meaning. the spirit animal augers a time of awakening and uplifting the inner passions which drive our own personal life force. Panther Magic Spirit of the dark moon, traveller of the astral world. Master magician, a seer of the nights secrets. Panther Totem  Animal Meaning   Panther meaning is the astral travel master … Read More

Turtle Symbolic Meaning

The spiritual and metaphysical meanings to the turtle totem animal or spirit animal guide Turtle medicine. by psychic medium Ian Scott Animal speak turtle I Have total recall of my past lives Acutely aware, sensually gliding the waters Ever so softly caressing waves, sliding gracefully. I am Turtle, ancient keeper of knowledge … Read More

Dog Spiritual Meaning

Dog animal spirit. A deeper understanding of beloved dogs. Dog spiritual meaning is unique and gifted to us. by psychic medium Ian Scott. Never a truer phrase is spoken as “dog man’s best friend”.  With close relations to the wolf, the domestic dog plays a huge role in the spiritual practice and … Read More

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