Praying Mantis Spiritual Meaning

Praying Mantis spiritual meaning delves into the mystical realms of spirit and is often seen as a spiritual guide, pointing the way to the inner self. Praying Mantis Symbolism Praying Mantis animal spirit is both Yin (female) and yang (male) energy, but in essence is female,  Careful deliberate planning in all aspects of … Read More


Bat Totem Spiritual Meaning

The belly of Mother Earth, the cave dwellers versed in magic. The Dream weavers, unraveling the spiritual mysteries. Bat Totem Metaphysical Meaning Bat totem spiritual meanings are, extrasensory perception, Regeneration, Communication, Death and Rebirth / Endings and Beginnings, Telepathy, Renewal, Trust of instincts, Spiritual Growth, Social, Sensitive, Initiation, Ritual, Shape Shifters, Challenge, Magic, Clairaudience, … Read More

Grasshopper Meaning Spiritual Symbolic

Grasshopper meaning. When a grasshopper enters your home it is truly a sign an omen. Signifying abundance and spiritual wealth.   Grasshopper meaning also includes the cricket being from the same family (Order Orthoptera). A quick way to tell a grasshopper from a cricket is the size of his antenna. A cricket … Read More

Ladybug Symbolism And Meaning

Ladybug meaning or ladybeetle animal spirit messages, signs, metaphysical symbols and spiritual meanings from psychic medium Ian Scott   Ladybug Meaning The ladybug meaning the good luck beetle, Inner peace, Harmony, Renewal and regeneration, Visionary, Spiritual guidance and devotion, Connected to the elements fire and air, Magical protection, and guarded secrets are ladybug’s … Read More

Doves Spiritual Symbolic Meaning

Doves spiritual meaning. its message is one of peace, love, and tranquillity, with soft subtle angel whispers. Strongly associated with the feminine. Symbolism Of Doves And Pigeons Dove and pigeons fall under the same spiritual meanings. The spiritual meaning of the dove is also its message, one of peace, love, and tranquillity, … Read More

Lion Symbolism And Meaning

Lion Spiritual Meaning The spiritual meanings of the animal totem lion. The lion is a friendly self-composed big beast power with a message of sagacity. Those who hold the animal totem lion are leaders, not followers free thinkers with a unique knowledge of earth magick and wisdom. Spirit animal lion asks? have you … Read More

Wolf Totem Meaning

Knowers Of The Ancients Path Talking the sounds of wolves touching and reaching the heart Tracking the old soul is the love of Wolf. Wolf totem meaning The Teacher – enables us to gather our inner strength provoking controlled aggression and a will to achieve. What is the symbolic meaning of the … Read More

Owl Totem Meaning

Owl totem meaning. The significance of finding an owl feather symbolizes Owl totem is wishing to work with you on matters of spiritual growth and healing. Owl Totem Meaning Metaphysical  Owl totem, Psychic Energy, Independence, Wisdom, Third Eye, Spirituality, Protection, Intuition, Supernatural Power, Connection with Nighttime and the Moon, Mystery, Magic, Secrets, Intelligence, … Read More

Dolphin Spirit Symbolic Meaning

Dolphin Animal Spirit Symbolism Dolphin animal spirit has relations with Neptune the moon and the element water. Dolphin spirits have mastered unconditional love, harmony, and balance. Dolphins are sentient beings with extreme intelligence beyond our understanding. Dolphins innocence powers his or her divine connections to the spirit world and nature spirits. Dolphins are … Read More

Panther Symbolic Meaning

Panther meaning. the spirit animal augers a time of awakening and uplifting the inner passions which drive our own personal life force. Panther Magic Spirit of the dark moon, traveller of the astral world. Master magician, a seer of the nights secrets. Panther Totem  Animal Meaning   Panther meaning is the astral travel master … Read More

Bear Totem Spiritual Meaning

Animal Spirit Bear Meaning The Sacred Healer The teacher’s teacher but I am to taught, through the astral travels I take in winter. The healer’s healer but I am healed too, through the solace, I take from the sun. Bear Metaphysical Meaning Bears are the healers, Hidden Strength, Courage, Intuition, Teacher, Magic, … Read More

Snake Symbolism And Meaning

Snake symbolism teaches through his shedding of the skin renewal and regeneration, experiencing some pain in the transition of knowing oneself is natural. Serpent Fire Massaging the earth with my walk, hearing her healing through her talk. We are connected to mother earth and me. Silently slithering, magically delivering, sensually moving, awakening … Read More

Hawk Spirit Animal Meaning

The Messenger “When you cannot see, is when you see the most.” With the eyes closed visions appear. Hawk spirit animal meaning spirit guide messenger, able to locate and give messages to family and friends that have passed over. Hawk Metaphysical Symbolism Hawk Clear Vision, Foreseeing The Future, Spiritual Awareness, Visionary Power, … Read More

Owl Hawk Crow Spirit Totem Council

A Shaman Story Spiritual Shamanism Animals Drifting into the journeys that may only be revealed at night. A small fire and a smoke-covered clearing. Kneeling on the ground feeling humbled and honoured. For you to find your self on the grounds of the kingdom keepers. Spiritual Owl, Hawk and Crow. Granted the … Read More

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