Owl Hawk Crow Spirit Totem Council

A Shaman Story Spiritual Shamanism Animals Drifting into the journeys that may only be revealed at night. A small fire and a smoke-covered clearing. Kneeling on the ground feeling humbled and honoured. For you to find your self on the grounds of the kingdom keepers. Spiritual Owl, Hawk and Crow. Granted the … Read More


Spiritual Quote What’s My Treasure?

Ascension Energy Shift Spiritual Quote What’s My Treasure Spiritual Wisdom and Ascension is found in what you believe is your treasure – Inspirational Spiritual Quote What’s my treasure. The Greatest Treasure we can accumulate here on Earth is Living, Breathing, Knowing and giving the spiritual gift of Unconditional Love This alone moves … Read More

Channelled Spirit Message From Canoe

Channelled Spirit Message Wisdom From The Spirit Guides Spirituality channelling Spirit Guide star seed Canoe shares his wisdom. Inspirational Spiritual Quote. Channelled Spirit Message. Look once Look twice Look three times, Only then shall you see what is really there. The best way to understand quotes from spirit is to read them … Read More