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Call Of The Lightworkers

Enlightenment We are all created with an inherent illumination. Call of the lightworkers. A spiritual awakening and ascension process. Ascension Has Begun Call Of The Light Workers Call of the lightworkers. We are all created with an inherent illumination… So why does this state they call enlightenment to seem so unattainable to most when this … Read more

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Silica Benefits And Ascension

silica benefits and ascension

Silica benefits and ascension. Internal taking of silica is important for our ascension as it helps the body vibrate higher to receive awakening energy. Silica Benefits And The Ascension Code Silica and the ascension code. Silica is the most important mineral for life itself. It is abundant as oxygen and water and just as important. … Read more

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Consciousness Shift 2012

Consciousness Shift 2012 Not only human consciousness shifts from Power and Greed to Love and Honesty, Mother Earth and all its living inhabitants also shift consciousness. In the same way, it is happening to us physically, mentally and spiritually. Along with clearing our human pathway to Thrive, the Planet is doing exactly the same thing as … Read more

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Past Life Talents Can We Recall Them?

Past Life Talents

Inspirational Spiritual Quote for calling to the surface past life talents and experiences.

past life talents

Messages From Spirit Past Life Talents

Fourteen calls a day,
you may only hear three of them.


The other eleven are shut off by earthly commitments,
this gives us the perfect reason to meditate.


To recall important information recorded deep inside ourselves.

Connecting with the universe as the god like beings we are,
allows the intertwining of ancient cosmic knowledge in all of us.

as channelled by © Psychic Medium Ian Scott – Nature’s Oracle Cards

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